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Growing up for me wasn’t adventurous, I was an introvert -Love Idoko

Long before now, Love Idoko has become the most popular person in entertainment, media and event planning from Benue. She organised events after event s, from Benue Music Festival to motivational summit from students and several government events, Miss. Idoko was making a mark that caught the attention of several people outside of the Food Basket State.

Though of Kogi origin, Love has made Benue her home of sort,  the state where her late father was the Chief Judge for 15 years.  After a degree in Micro Biology from Kogi State University, Love proceeded to Westend College in United Kingdom to study event planning. Today, the little girl of yesterday has become the most sought after event planner in Benue and Abuja.

Love Idoko
Love Idoko

For an average, person that would have been all but not for Miss Idoko, she has veered into publishing, a ventured that gave birth to Motivation magazine and a specialised magazine for documenting achievement of accomplished individuals.

And just recently Miss. Idoko who has penchant for motivating young people started a TV programme, Activating Success, a programmed that got rave review when it made a strong debut on AIT two weeks ago.  In this interview with journalists, Love Idoko spoke about everything that made her thick.

Why did you delve into T.V production?
I’ve always wanted to inspire people from a very young age. We started a radio programme “Activating success” three years ago and we enjoyed widespread acceptance so we decided to start it on tv. I always want to be an encouragement to people. At age 17 I wrote my first book titled “Celebrating Change”

What is the difference between this and other T.V programmes?
The difference is that it is inspiring, it gives you that drive and push to do something positive with your life.

How did you get all this big personalities in your shows?

By Gods grace I’ve been publishing a magazine called MOTIVATION Magazine for Eight years. We have been able to get contacts and build relationships with great people who have been on our cover, people like Dr Mike Murdock, Dr Paul Enenche, Hon Desmond Elliot, popular Motivational speaker Fela Durotoye, D.G NAFDAC, Dr Paul Orhii and a whole lot of people. I’m also an events planner so I get to host a lot of celebrities at our events. So they have become family to me. That’s why it was easy to get their interviews for our TV show.

Who is funding the show?
Right now we have no sponsors, but I believe if you keep doing what you are doing very well people will identify with you and encourage you!

You recently interviewed Dr Mike Murdock and featured Dr Myles Munroe on the latest edition of your magazine, why are you so into men of God?
I believe we need God to succeed in life! I come from a strong Christian home. Even though my dad was Chief Judge, he was a preacher of the gospel. My mum also has a Christian women ministry that has been on for 29 years. So I grew up watching these men of God preach!

What was growing up like?
Growing up for me wasn’t adventurous. I was an introvert. I wasn’t a friendly child. (Laughs). I was very shy, quiet and always kept to myself. I was too serious (Laughs) I became a bit friendly in the university when I started speaking in my fellowship.

Is being a daughter of a Chief Judge making life easy for you?
I hardly mention my dad’s name. He was a very Humble and God fearing man. I tell myself all the time,” Love, you need to work very hard so you will make your father proud”. My father was a good man, and touched so many lives positively, he was Chief Judge for 15 years so a lot of people knew him and his name definitely has opened some doors and I believe its all part of Gods master plan for my life.

You recently opened an event center in Makurdi. Why an event centre?
I’ve always been passionate about events planning. In 2009 I did a certificate course in events planning at West End Collage London. We have planned weddings, campaign rallies, conferences etc all over the country and we decided it was time to have our own events center.

We learnt it is the most beautiful event centre in there, why not something else?
(Laughs) yes its beautiful. Everything we have is world class!

. How much did it cost to buy it?
(Laughs) we are still calculating how much we have spent. I’ll let you know when we get a total.

Who are your mentors?
Dr Mike Murdock. He is always there to advice and encourage me. My Mum and Dad, and Bishop David Abioye who has been a father to me!

Are you into any Relationship? When would you get married?
(Laughs) Yes. Very soon. (Laughs).

What has been the ups and downs when you established “Activating Success”?
First and foremost I’m a very shy person. So I needed confidence to deliver. Sponsorship… We are positive about getting sponsorship.

How does it feel when people say you are their mentor?
I feel honoured and humbled. And it makes me sit up to work harder.

What motivates you?
God! He loves me more than I love myself. He believes in me when no one sees a future in what I’m doing. Knowing that I have God motivates me. My mum also motivates me. She has been through hell and high water but she never gives up. She is still very hardworking.

Describe your kind of person, what kind of woman are you?
I’m not very good at describing myself. (Laughs). I know I work very very hard. I don’t have too many friends. I love to help people a lot, I wish people well because I believe life is a seed, what you make happen for people God will make happen for you!

You went to study event planning in the U.K after that Micro-biology, Why event planning?
After my National youth service I got a job with Federal Medical centre. But I wasn’t fulfilled there. I was passionate about doing what I enjoyed. So I resigned and opened our Events planning, publishing and media consultancy office.

What do you aim to achieve in your T.V programme “Activating Success”?
Our aim is to help encourage people who are depressed and have given up on life. We believe that other people’s success story will inspire them to get up and do something positive with their lives!

How does it feel when Myles Munroe’s son gave you a shout out on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook?
I felt honoured. I was happy that our work was recognised and appreciated by Dr Myles Munroe’s church and family.

You lost your dad a long time ago how did you cope?
When God called my dad home, I realised immediately I was connected directly to the source – GOD. Even though I was heartbroken by his death, I was very positive that God will not leave us stranded. Today we look back and we are thankful to God because He has been faithful.

What was he like to you?
My father was my confidant. My best friend, my teacher, my role model, we were so close. I could tell him anything. I love him always and forever.

How has been your life without your father ever since he died?
His death made me sit up. Work harder and made me determined to be productive.

How did you raise capital for your first business idea?
After I lost my dad, I started a small GSM business (laughs) the business grew gradually, and later I employed someone, that was how I was able to gather some money.

How easy has it being running a business?
It hasn’t been easy. But I thank God I have a strong and committed team.

Is your family in full support of your business?
(Laughs) Yes my family is in full support. My mum always prays for me.

Any plan to spread your tentacle beyond Benue?
Even though our head office is in Benue, We have an office in Abuja and work all over the country. I’m glad that what we started in Benue is recognised all over the country and even outside Nigeria today.


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