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Germany-based Nigerian artist, Vivian Timothy relives her journey from science to arts

A new talent is unleashed. Vivian Timothy is a Nigerian artist who is based in Germany. Vivian studied bio-chemistry at Bida Polytechnic before relocating to Germany. The brilliant artist though a lover of art has never believed she got the talent to do art.

VivianInitially she wanted to become a singer but didn’t venture into it because of so many discouragements. Vivian never studied art but has always known she had passion for artwork. She gets inspirations for her painting through fantasizing and creating of a vision in her mind in her quiet moment.

Recently at the International Kultur Festival in Germany, she showcased her art work which kept many speechless. Like any beginner, she was faced with doubts of what to present to any audience and how they would react to her mix colors. Her professionalism makes her work very unique; her style of art tells a story of her life and root.

A painting deeply embedded in African root, and speaks with a heavy African accent. A painting enriched with themes of nature, women, culture and heritage. An original artwork with metamorphic visions rich in sincerity, love and passion; A painting that speaks and interprets messages code and uncoded. Different manners, styles, depicting gift of nature , culture and the love for Africa.

Vivian tells the story of how the art in her was unleashed… “One day an old girlfriend came visiting me at home. While we were chatting ” she said ” “Vivian ! ” guess what I have being doing all these while ?” . Very curious !,” I have been painting ” Waoh ! like a magic my passion for art woke up. ” We all need moments that force us to wake up “.

From that moment I started fantasizing, sketching , researching on works of some popular artists . I realized that Vincent Van Gogh was a self taught artist. I started getting ideas and saw myself expressing my vision into paintings. I was a hard critic of myself . Being a perfectionist I wanted something very perfect I could present to my audience. Today , I believe that calling comes when we embrace the pain , not avoid it” she reminisces.


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