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I am not Junior TB Joshua —Fufeyin of MercyLand

THE crowd of miracle seekers who attended the just concluded 3-day crusade by the fast-growing Christ Mercy Land Deliverance Ministry in Effurun, Delta State was unprecedented. Theme of the event was; “I must carry my Samuel”, and as expected several participants testified of diverse deliverances including instant healing while hundreds smiled home with cash gifts worth millions of Naira.

General Overseer/founder of the church, Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin, told newsmen after the crusade that he was called by God to organise the programme that attracted participants from across the globe, disclosing that a woman who carried her pregnancy for 12 months and could not deliver, delivered her baby during the crusade.

Asked to assess the success of the crusade which held at Mercy City permanent site in Effurun, the cleric said: “I must say that the programme was very successful because a lot of miracles took   place,” adding that it is a yearly programme that attracts a lot of women, especially barren women and young ladies seeking life partners, not forgetting to mention that it was designed for men with low sperm count, weak erection and those who could not impregnate their wives.

Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin
Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin

On how he is financing the gigantic project under construction at the permanent site, Fufeyin agreed that it is a gigantic project, “but let me quickly remind you that the project is God’s design, it is not from man. I will not forget to appreciate the goodness of God in this direction because this present site is a water logged area and we have to spent huge amount of money to sandfill it. I can say that God is actually helping us because my projection is that from now to December 2015, we would have gone far and possibly complete it. Of a truth, I cannot actually give the expenditure we have made so far. Infact it has cost us several millions of naira and we are still building”.

Reminded of his prediction that the Islamic terrorist group, Boko Haram would soon be flushed out after the general election, the church founder insisted that the so called insurgents will be brought to their kneels, adding that the military will be ruthless in dislodging them and, it is happening now. He maintained that he still stand on his statement or prediction that the Boko Haram issue will be a thing of the past.

Asked to comment on the Buhari administration, Prophet Fufeyin said, “Well, it is a political issue but we will continue to pray for peace to reign. Above all, we appeal to the president, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari to carry everybody along, irrespective of party or religious affiliation. I will always pray too for God to give him strength and wisdom to pilot the affairs of this nation to the promised land.”

On how he reacts when people call him junior T.B Joshua, Fufeyin declared: “It is true that people call me Warri T.B Joshua or Junior T.B. Joshua, but I believe that everything about T.B. Joshua is divine and natural. Frankly speaking, our father, T.B. Joshua having watched my programme on Mercyland Television was delighted because we are healing people too. I would also say that everything I am doing comes from God. May be it is the way people see me performing miracles, hence they address me as junior T.B. Joshua. Mind you, I am neither junior or Warri T.B Joshua, but I am Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin. Actually, we have only met during the incident that happened in his church in which part of the building collapsed and I paid him a condolence visit.”

Asked if he had received financial assistance from government to construct the project, Fufeyin countered, “No, I don’t get any financial assistance from government but God who called me used people to bless me and it is what they are giving us for use to build this project. Government has never given us one kobo. I do pray for governors. They come to me in the night and God do hear their prayers. Infact, this place is for everybody, but when I pray for politicians and prophesy to them, the prophecies always come through. I am sent by God”.

On how he started the church, the cleric explained that he was a member of Mountain of Fire Ministries (MFM) when God called him, adding that he left the church because they were against the miracles he was performing, “but today, here we are. God is awesome and I give glory to Him. I started the journey about four years ago. God who called me also gave that name, Mercy Land because of his mercies to mankind. By his mercy we are performing miracles, by his mercy we are building our permanent site and by his mercy we are progressing. In anything I am doing God’s mercy is always following me.”

When asked of his relationship with his former members who were criticizing him, Fufeyin declared: “For God sake I have forgiven them long ago. I don’t bear grudges against anybody. God say we should learn to forgive one another. We have even become friends because they have fallen in love with me. “I have helped many people and that is my hallmark because I fall sick if I don’t help people. God has built that system in me that I must help people on daily basis. In fact I help people a lot. Above all, there is an office called “Act of his shepherd” that takes care of widows and the needy. Every Sunday I do give money to the needy, at least 200,000 and above. There are a lot of women who deliver their babies and we buy baby things for them,” he maintained.



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