Most African countries have been battling with low internet penetration and poor quality connections. This development affects the growth of businesses, especially the digital media industry.

The Chief Executive Officer of Terragon Group, Africa’s innovative digital media company, Mr. Elo Umeh in this interview with Emeka Aginam at the 2015 Mobile World Congress while highlighting the benefits of its non-internet channel based advertising technology, a first for mobile in developing markets said that quality of mobile data is still poor and expensive in Africa, and is an inroad to better innovations.


Adrenaline technology

Adrenaline is a technology that allows advertisers reach users on mobile devices via internet based and non-internet based platform. This technology was created to address the low internet penetration problem as well as the poor quality of internet connection which significantly affects advert delivery on mobile.

Internet based channels are the popular mobile web and mobile apps. Our ‘Adrenaline’ technology delivers maximum compression to ensure great user experience with the least data possible. This is done on non-internet channels predominant to Africa which includes USSD-based balance enquiry, Call-Me-Back messages, End of Call Notification, Caller Ring back tunes, which are still very predominant to Africa.

This means adverts are delivered without the need for internet connections. This technology powers the Advertising Server of our Mobile Advertising business, Twinpine Limited, making it the most powerful mobile advertising platform in Africa.

Tailored for African market

•Mr. Elo Umeh
•Mr. Elo Umeh

Yes, it is heavily and specifically tailored for Africa. This is because the quality of mobile data is still quite poor and very expensive compared to the rest of the world. Just as is our custom within the Group to build innovative digital media solutions for the African market, Adrenaline was built to attend and rise above some of these unique problems.


The Response has been overwhelming. Many local and international advertisers have reached out to discuss execution details and how this new technology can be of value to their businesses. We also have a long list of partners discussing integrations and various areas of alignment to drive exchange of value.

Daily traffic

We have an impressive daily traffic of about 500 million requests. We are confident that in the coming months, this number is sure to more than double especially considering that the adoption is in its early stages.

Cost of the solution the advertiser

Advertisers who have run their campaigns on solely internet based platforms will find this solution to be lesser. This is largely due to better technology and larger volumes. The volume of inventory we have combined with our very robust audience platform, and real time bidding engine, ensures faster fulfillment of campaign objectives without wasting impressions and clicks.

Security features

While developing Adrenaline, we carefully considered and plugged all known vulnerabilities in the Advertising technology domain. We can confidently say that our proprietary click fraud detection algorithms are enterprise grade.

Market leadership in the digital media industry

We are very passionate about innovation, especially using that innovation in our local environment and a peculiar market like Africa. It is our most important and continuous strategy. This is because we understand the challenges that are specific to the continent. Some of these challenges have to do directly with cost and access to data. We then empathize with the peculiarity of the situation, internalize that empathy and develop solutions to cater to address them.

Proprietary Mobile Advertising Server

Like I mentioned earlier, our Ad server rests within the Mobile Advertising arm of our company, Twinpine Limited. Before the launch of the Twinpine Ad server, Mobile advertising seemed like rocket science to a lot of businesses. It was foreign to them because they did not realise the immense benefits mobile advertising offered. Those who understood the benefits looked to foreign companies for solutions, and these solutions were globally tailored and didn’t meet the peculiarities of Africa. The first step we took to break into the market was to properly educate brands and publishers of these benefits.





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