By Ebele Orakpo

Great Nigerian people have spoken! We needed change and we have it,” said Ade, a commuter in the CMS-bound commuter bus last Wednesday.

“Yes, at long last! We have the leader we have all yearned for,” said Tutu.

Abeg stop the lies. You and I know the election was anything but free and fair. It was rigged,” said Rita.

“Rigged? How? ,” asked Ade. “To be honest, this is the freest and fairest election I have witnessed,” he added.

Replied Rita: “Rigged through PVC distribution. Many people were deliberately disenfranchised in the South, especially in Lagos. Some were refused PVCs because of their perceived party affiliation. Some were even called and asked the candidate they would vote for and once they mentioned what the callers want to hear, they were asked to come and pick up their PVCs. It was sickening. So what do you call that? Free and fair ko, bound and dark ni?”

“Of course, in every new thing, we should expect some challenges. Despite the hiccups, I must give it to Professor Jega for conducting a free and fair election,” insisted Ade.

“Oh please spare me. Don’t be hypocritical. Let’s be truthful for once. The election was flawed, period!” said Rita.

“I think we should let sleeping dog lie. We should all emulate our amiable President Goodluck Jonathan. He is a great guy,” counselled Audu.

“Indeed, GEJ is a noble man. He is the hero in all of this. A complete gentleman whose name will be written in gold when the story of Nigeria is written. History will judge him kindly. The first president to lose election and congratulate his opponent,” said Tom.

“Exactly my thoughts! The guy is a peaceful man. He said it over and over again that his ambition is not worth the blood of any Nigerian and he demonstrated it,” said Rita.

“Yes ooo. I am very sure that if the result had been the other way round, that President Jonathan won, all hell would have been let loose and blood of innocent Nigerians would have been flowing on the streets once again,” said Tom.

“Hmm, I honestly shudder to think of what would have happened.

“You people are so unfair to the President-elect. Your hatred of the man shows. You mean to tell me that if he had lost in a free and fair election, he would not have congratulated GEJ? That cannot be true. The only thing the man hates is election rigging,” said Tutu.

“Right. But you know quite well that elections are only free and fair in Nigeria if you win. So if APC had lost, it wouldn’t have been free and fair. But here is a sitting President that would have used the power of incumbency to win the election but he refused to do so. Despite the glaring irregularities in the process, he accepted the result and congratulated his opponent so that peace will reign. That is commendable,” said Rita.

“Let’s us join hands with the incoming government to move our nation forward. GMB has promised to crush insurgency, stop corruption, give us 24/7 power supply, give our children in public schools one meal per day, give N5,000 per month to unemployed graduates and so many other good things. May God help us,” prayed Audu.



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