Consular Advisory

March 6, 2015

Why Nigerian visa applicants are denied Chinese entry – Liu Khan

Why Nigerian visa applicants are denied Chinese entry – Liu Khan

Liu Kan

By Vera Anyagafu & Prisca Sam-Duru
THE Chinese Consul General Liu Kan has advised Nigerian visa applicants to endeavour in efforts towards planning ahead of travel dates to avoid visa processing delays.

The consul general who spoke at the Chinese Consulate General in Lagos said that the Chinese government was committed to ensuring that Nigeria-China bi-national relations are cordial and that Nigerians who apply for various categories of Chinese Visas are permitted entry.

He said that the Consulate General in Lagos is responsible for issuing visas to about 20 states in Nigeria and would appreciate visa applicants to be truthful with the information in their visa application documentation.

Liu Kan

Liu Kan

Responding to the question on what the Consulate General’s Consular officials would want Nigerian visa applicants to do better or desist from to make their work a lot easier, the CG said, “With the development of the bilateral relationship between China and Nigeria, the people’s exchanges between both sides have become more and more frequent.

I suggest that the applicants who want to apply for Chinese visa pay attention to our website, learning relative policies, and prepare documents according to the requirements.”

He also said that as more and more Nigerian people want to travel to China, applicants should get prepared in advance, arranging schedule reasonably to avoid delay. “I also hope applicants can submit true and valid documents, which will make it easier for our work and is also good for their credit”, he added.

Mr. Kan, who appeared satisfied with the display of oneness among Nigerians also applauded concerted efforts by both the Nigerian government and a good number of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in Nigeria, especially in the area of youth empowerment.

He disclosed that China is ready to work with Nigeria to further enrich the China-Nigeria strategic partnership, consolidate the traditional friendship, deepen mutually beneficial cooperation, and strengthen support for each other.

Similarly, the CG declared that the development of the friendship and partnership between China and Nigeria, the cooperation in various fields, and the deepening relationships have in many progressive ways helped to promote both countries’ economies.

According to him, more and more Chinese enterprises and businessmen come to Nigeria, especially to Lagos, and many others are committedly investing in areas directly related to people’s livelihood such as water treatment, electricity generation, and communication, in addition to road and bridge building and so on.

“Chinese companies in Nigeria have also provided plenty of job opportunities and skill trainings for local communities. As far as I am aware, Chinese businessmen get along better with their Nigerian counterparts.

They work more to complement each other than as competitors. And the Consulate General requires all Chinese citizens in our consular area to obey Nigeria laws and regulations and to respect local customs and religions. Meanwhile, we hope Nigerian law-enforcement bodies including immigration department act in good faith and abide by their regulations”, Mr. Kan submitted.