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Rape of equity, justice and fairness in Delta South

ByOkofu Ubaka
IF Hon. James Manager wins in the forthcoming general elections to represent the people of Delta South Senatorial district in the ‘Green chamber’, equity, justice and fairness would have lost their true meaning to the aggrieved Itsekiris and Isokos of the same senatorial district. Amidst deafened protest in 2013 against Manager’s second term in the place of an Itsekiri candidate whose turn it was to represent the district at the senate, Manager was imposed on the people.

An action which starred the hornet nest and caused so much disaffections among the Itsekiris and Isokos political class who have been victims of Manager’s manipulation. Manager’s shenanigan broke down completely the mutual understanding between the three ethnic groups to rotate the senate seat a single term bases.

It is commonplace to hear of ‘mutual agreement and rotation’ among stalwarts of the Peoples’ Democratic Party, (PDP). Why such agreement among the three ethnic groups in Delta South Senatorial district was frustrated, abused and jettisoned by James Manager and his lieutenants is beyond comprehension. For the Itsekiris and the Isokos who are principal victims of this manipulation, the mutual trust between the former ethnic nationalities and the Ijaws of the same district would for a long time to come suffer frustration unless something bold and drastic is done about the imposition on the other two tribes in the district by the leadership of the Peoples’ Democratic Party.

Nonetheless, signs are ominous that the PDP is in for the worst and humiliating defeat in this senatorial district since the inception of the party. Let me quickly add here that not all Ijaws are in support of Manager’s imposition. Hence, to say that some discerning Ijaws in the state are brooding over Manager’s ‘third coming’ to the senate is stating the obvious. It is the duty of this minds therefore to callJames Manager to order or at best desert him to keep the unity of purpose in Delta South.

This is not intended to whip up undue sentiment or cry wolf where none exist. Yet, the truth must be told because only fairness and justice can guarantee peaceful coexistence among people of diversified ethnic backgrounds. It is sad that it is only in Delta south that this kind of Manager’s impunity can take place.

Manager had openly aborted the agreement entered into by the older generation of politicians from the district without the least respect for fairness and decency. Unlike what is obtainable in other senatorial districts of the state, the agreement to rotate the seat among the different ethnic groups in the district was arrogantly messed up by this politics of attrition and personality assassination.

In Delta North for instance, we have the Osimilis, the Ikas, the Aniochas and the Ukwanis bond peacefully together as a result of each ethnic group abiding by the agreement to have the senatorial seat for one term and relinquish the seat for another ethnic group on expiration of the former’s four year-term. The same practice and understanding is obtainable in Delta Central where we have the Agbons in majority yet share with the Udos, the Uvhwes and the Okpes. Such is the demonstration of an egalitarian society, not the repressive and hostile political atmosphere which Manager’s action is capable of plunging Delta south into should he have another smooth sail to the Senate in 2015.

Before now, there had been equitable and triangular rotations of the senatorial seat among the three ethnic nationalities ( the Ijaws, the Isoko and the Itsekiris ) in Delta South Senatorial district. The rotation arrangement had enthrone peace and people had been better for it without any form of acrimony and bad taste. In 1979, Chief T. Atake, an Itsekiri stood in the Senate for the people of the district for a single term. In 1983, it was the turn of the Ijaws to produce a candidate for the seat. Chief Edwin Clarke won the seat with the support of the other two ethnic groups; the Itsekiris and Isokos.

Upon creation of Delta state, the triangular rotation was maintained, not even time and events could distort the orderliness and frustrate the community of purpose of the older generation of politicians from the district in enthroning peace by giving equity and fairness a prime consideration.   In lieu of this, Chief Mrs Stella Omu went to the ‘Green chamber’ on the auspices of the Senatorial district, and was there for a lone term.

The questions most people fromDelta south are asking, are; what has changed this far to make Sen. Jame Manager feel he can eat his cake and have it? Why will Manager want to add salt to an injury his second term in the Senate had already caused the people? What makes him feel he is the only qualified person in the district to return to the senate?

It is against this backdrop that we ask all the good people of the district to throw their weight by casting their votes for a conscientious and sellable candidate in the person of Hon. Prince JFK Omatsone, an   Itsekiri. He has been tested and can be trusted. Omatsone was one time Speaker of the Delta House of Assembly during the James Onanefe’s tenure as the executive Governor of the state.

He is a good listener, and always a step ahead for his people. Like the people of Delta south, Hon. Omatsone is passionate for a change.


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