March 28, 2015

I am the Fela of our time – African China

I am the Fela of our time – African China


After launching into the mainstream music world some years ago, Chinagoro, a.k.a African China, has stood out as a dependable social crusader, who has become a house-hold name in many homes across Africa. His high sense of creativity and philosophical undertone makes him a self styled voice of the masses and reggae dance hall star. In a recent chat, the singer disclosed that he’s set to rekindle and re-mode the undying spirit of fighting for the oppressed masses through the art of music. Excerpts:

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What is happening to  your career years after you released your last album?

Well, I just took a break to bond with my family. I didn’t go off the music circuit but had been in the studio working on a new album that is about to be released.
And my silence has nothing to do with financial challenges, don’t forget am still the C.E.O. of 45Entertainment.

Will you say you’ve made the kind of money the likes of WizKid and Davido are making these days?

No, I did not collect the kind of money they are collecting now. But I think you should know something, we pushed the bill from 30 thousand naira to 8 hundred / one million. I made investments that can compete with whatever they do with their money. Therefore, I don’t regret not making what they are making these days.

Any ongoing project?

Yeah, last year I came out with two new singles titled “Anu Gboko” and “Ghen Ghen”. And this year I am out with another new single based on the current political situation in the country and to speak on behalf of the masses. This one is titled “Amen” with a dance hall Rhythm.

Does it mean you’ll still sing songs that talk about ills of the society ?

I represent Nigeria, and if governments are not doing what they are suppose to be doing I will tell them that my people are not happy and the only way I can do that is through my music.

What would you say concerning the content of Nigerian music now compared to when you were still vibrant?
Criticism is not what am going to be talking about here, the fact that Nigerians are enjoying themselves is okay by me. My style is my style and their style is their style. Everybody must not do the same. As long as it has a good rhythm and people are dancing to it, I am okay with it.

With the rate of upcoming artistes and so many known names in the industry, do you think your kind of music will stand the test of time in Nigeria?

You should ask yourself and tell yourself the truth. My songs has lasted 17years now; which of these songs do you think will last two years?  I’m not scared of the huge number of artistes out there, because I know what I’ve got and will give my best to my fans.

It is not as if I’m boasting but I have dedicated so much of my time and energy to it because I have already set a standard and that standard will not drop but will continue to rise because I am born to sing and entertain people. That’s why I am “African China” the legendary, take it or leave, I am the Fela of our time.

It’s been argued that songs most artistes do these days do not have any content compared to songs of 80s, what’s your take on that?

You just said it’s no content, so, no comment!

If you are to change anything in the industry, what would that be?

I will want every artiste to be performing live band and not sound track. Reason being that, it will help our instrumentalists make money and also stop the untalented ones from crowding the industry.

We once noticed that you are featuring in Nollywood movies, have you added acting to your career?

Yes, don’t forget music video is all about acting. So I think actors and singers have something in common.