Review By Emmanuel Asuquo

In the Career Leader, Abraham Owoseni attempts to drive home in its simplest form the complex discourse of career and leadership amongst the youth folk. The author seeks to dispel the wrong views held by the youth about career and leadership through the book; hence it is “a guide to purposeful career and influential leadership”. He intends through the book, to offer a lasting insights that will enable the reader to break out from joblessness to discovering work, as well to serve as a foundation for a true and purposeful career.

Contrary to the perceived wrong definitions for career and work, Abraham posits that “a career is a long-term, life-long work” (chapter1) and maintains that a career is not a job in the context it is being understood to be. He contends that a job is a piece of one’s work and that one’s career, which is his work can be expressed either via a profession, a vocation/craft or in entrepreneurship. He also emphasized that none of these channels of career expression is inferior to the other. It is a cycle and everyone must discover his place to become leaders of influence, relevance and impact! According to him, “work here refers to activity, engagement, labour; a career is not a task of a day or a week; it is a long term and a life-long task”.

In addressing the issue of choosing a career path, Abraham advised that before young people settle for their lives’ career choices; they should pay close attention to their purpose, Gifts, talents and abilities; passion and interests and personality respectively.

The 86 paged book with forward by Dayo Israel, published 2014 by Bukasin Unique Touch under the genre of Educational/Inspirational consists of six chapters with a note from the author and an Epilogue. Written in a simple and straightforward style with jaw-friendly vocabularies suits the age and target audience the author had in mind.

Abraham Owoseni is a youth development advocate and an educator with a vision to raise a new breed of purposeful and holistic youths. He is a trained Architect with a keen interest in youth facility designs and development from the prestigious Covenant University where he obtained a first class degree and Masters in Architecture. He has been involved in youth work for a relative good time and doubles as the Coordinator of the Youth Development Academy. This in my view gives him the needed edge to speak on youth development.


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