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The fabled N7bn ‘shared’ by pastors and Obasanjo’s naked dance

I finally read ‘My Watch’ by former President Obasanjo which can safely be described as a ‘Book of Hoax’ where everyone is a villain but Obasanjo a ‘saint’.

I actually wanted to write something on it before a note came to me from Pastor Bosun, a Christian pastor and activist. I could feel the pains in Bosun’s heart as I read his note. Whatever one makes out of this, it is evident that Christianity is facing different kinds of insurgency. Self-styled apostles and pastors are on the prowl and ready to crucify Christ again.

Bosun’s note read as follows: “My attention has been drawn to a report credited to Pastor Musa Dikwa that N7 billion was given to some pastors to campaign for President Jonathan. In the report, my name was mentioned as being one of the beneficiaries. Pending official clarification of CAN on the issue, I am compelled to immediately clarify that NO MONEY WAS GIVEN TO ME.

I DID NOT COLLECT ANY MONEY FROM ANYBODY, neither am I campaigning for any one.   Unfortunately, our psyche as a nation has been bastardized and abused by the institutionalized corruption introduced by successive military rulers (in uniform and out of uniform) that we no longer believe that anyone can speak the truth without financial inducement or gratification. Fortunately, there are still people in the nation who act without financial inducement.

I am a Christian and my candidate is Jesus Christ. So long as I believe that the Church is under threat, I will speak for Jesus Christ and maintain the wake up call to the Church”.

Well, if a candidate in an election who, himself is a Muslim, asked Muslims to vote for fellow Muslims, it will be a foolish Christian that will  campaign and vote for such a man. If you are a Christian and you think you can trust Buhari with your right and freedom, then you need to have your head re-examined, not because he is a Muslim because there are many good Muslims who believe in freedom of worship and respect for the sanctity of human lives, but because he has on a number of times expressed the hope that Sharia will be implemented across Nigeria. That today he is changing his story line because he wants vote does not remove the facts of the true intentions of his heart.

Speaking of truth brings me back to ‘My Watch’ by Obasanjo, nearly everyone who read the book returned a damning verdict – that the book is full of lies. Gen. Godwin Alabi-Isama (rtd) went as far as imploring ‘Obasanjo to stop lying before he dies’.

Obasanjo ought to be an icon, our collective pride that ought to be cherished and preserved but his enemies will not let him be. Hence the APC, populated by his enemies, are determined to ensure he meets a final disgrace. I weep for Obasanjo, I weep because he will never get it right, I weep because since after the great Zik and Pa Awo, we are yet to find a leader. I weep reading Iyabo’s letter to the father. He was once a hero, but will never refer to any man as a hero. I will never write or comment on Obasanjo again as I consider his case lost and irredeemable.

By Clem Aguiyi


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