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What a sex scene means to me — Mimi Orjiekwe


Beautiful actress, Mimi Orjiekwe, came into   Nollywood in 2010 but took a break due to some problems she encountered and also to complete her National Youth Service. She returned to the industry in 2012 and has appeared in a lot of movies including UNIBEN Babes, School Hour, Mean Girls, Ghost in the Palace, and Wrong Selfie, to name a few. She was also recently selected as the Face of Hilda for her pretty face. In this exclusive interview, she talks about her career, life and more:

Mimi Orjiekwe
Mimi Orjiekwe

You just returned to Lagos today, what were you up to?

I was filming in Asaba, just rounded off so I had to take a flight back.


What movie were you doing in Asaba?

Heart of Solution with Yul Edochie, Chika Ike, and a lot of other Nollywood actors and actresses.  It’s a family drama that has to do with different affairs with different families. It’s going to be very entertaining


What was the first movie you did?

Moonlight Girl and The Royal Madness because I shot them together. That was the first ever movie I did before I left to do what I had to do


Have you released any movie this year?

There’s Lekki Husband. I think it’s on iBAKATV, it’s everywhere and people are watching it. Wrong Selfie was out before Christmas.


How did you get into Nollywood?

I became Miss African Queen and I was made an Ambassador. In the process, one of the judges at the event happened to be a movie director, so I met him and he put me through. He featured me in those movies I mentioned earlier. Thereafter, we had some misunderstanding, and coupled with the fact that I needed to complete my education I had to stop. After completion of my NYSC and Masters I came back to Nollywood, only this time through Charles Okafor. We met on a plane and he said to me:”Hey, I’m having an audition, come over and be a part of it”. I didn’t go that day but after he called me many times over, I had to go and he gave me a script and since that day, I’ve been working one day after the other.


What was the misunderstanding with the first man about?

He convinced me into some agreement which I unknowingly signed and when I found out that I wasn’t doing the right thing, I told him I couldn’t go on. He wasn’t happy about it, so, we parted ways.


Has acting really been rewarding?

It’s been good. Being in the entertainment industry is not all about being in movies; it exposes you to so many other things and gives you recognition. It gets you to be at the right places at some times. Apart from that, it’s our job so if a job is not rewarding, why take it?


What is your biggest movie so far?

I got an award in Tanzania for Mission to the Grave. In the movie, I featured as a powerful princess who is very strong. Because my father had no son, I had to be the son and the daughter, and at the same time a strong warrior. In the movie, I had to ride horses, and had to do a lot of action scenes. I shot that movie for like a month plus. It’s a nice movie, it went places and that would be my best for now


Did you shoot it in Lagos or Tanzania?

We shot it in Owerri in the bush


You said in an interview that you could do a sex scene in a movie?

A sex scene in a movie doesn’t mean you have to have sex in the movie. Like I said in one of the interviews, you can always create an emotional scene without going nude or having sex. As a good actor or actress, there are different ways of interpreting your script and interpreting your role very well. You don’t need to go banging someone on scene and say you’re doing a sex scene, there’s a way to do it.


There was a blog I saw you smoking cigarettes, do you smoke?

No, I don’t smoke cigarettes. Don’t mind them; they said I’ve joined the league of people smoking. It was from a scene of a movie called ‘The Hit’. That movie is yet to come out; it’s coming out next month. It’s about a bandit girl who robs a town, disturbs the city and all that. I led the group, so I had to do it right; I had to be with cigarettes all the time. I was surprised when they said that I smoke.


Were you once a model?

I’ve always been a partial model but right now I’m working myself out so much because I want to lose like 10kg. I want to go back to my very slim figure and all that. Maybe by then I can go back to the modeling part.


You are the Face of Hilda. What is it all about?

Face of Hilda is a photo contest, it’s something I never really had interest to do but when I was invited to do it, I had to. According to them, they wanted me to show people that actresses could get up to do whatever they want besides acting. I registered for it and I sent some of my pictures that very day. I got the highest ‘liked picture’ on Facebook on their site and from that day, the picture ‘likes’ kept increasing amongst others. When it was their day to end it, they called me and told me that my picture was the most ‘liked picture’ and I was going to be Face of Hilda.


Did you get any reward?

There were some rewards. It’s an annual thing and I encourage girls to be a part of it because their reward this time around is going to be huge.

As a beautiful actress in Nollywood, has anyone made advances to you probably in return for a script?

No one has ever done that. All they can do is try to be friends with me, try to pretend they are in love with me. I don’t think anyone can me that he wants to sleep with me for a script, I’ll slap that person. They may do that to other girls, but I’ve never been faced with such request.


You’ve been engaged for a while. Are you planning to get married this year?

Maybe, maybe not, I don’t really know because it’s not people’s business, it’s my business. When I decide to walk down the aisle, I will do that but we talked about having a wedding this year. I just hope I bring out my time for it because I’m extremely busy this year. It’s something I want to do but it’s not something I want to rush because I don’t want to get in and get out like so many people do. Right now, I think we’re getting ready for it this year


Have you ever done a kissing scene in a movie?

Yeah, but I don’t really kiss in movies like that except when I’m playing a role that I have to. When you’re playing somebody’s wife in a movie and you people are in love, you have to act real because on a normal day, you kiss your husband. So, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I do my job right, that’s all I can say.


Your skin used to be darker than this before?

I’ve never really been dark; if you go through my pictures you will notice that. But I know that normally in life, when you adjust and you rest more and you stay more off the sun, your complexion may get a bit lighter. You can’t compare your complexion now to when you were still in school and you played a lot under the sun. I’ve never been a dark person.


What has been your most embarrassing moment so far?

Right now it’s hard to find because I’m ready to face anything that is happening. Most of parts of my life have been about awesome moments, not embarrassing ones. I really don’t accept things to be embarrassing; I accept them the way they come because I’m willing to take them whether they are good or bad.


Who is Mimi off camera?

I’m a hardworking girl. I don’t want to say I’m beautiful because we are tired of hearing that. I want to become very rich, so I work hard.


How was growing up like for you?

I grew up like a very normal girl but I’m a bit different because I happen to be the only daughter, so I had more attention. I have three brothers and I happen to be the only daughter so it was cool because my mom and dad always looked out for me


Have you ever had a crush on any actor?

Yes, Antonio Banderas; each time I watch Desperado, it takes me back to my 15 years, 14 years, but my highest crush is my man.


Elections are coming up. Which party do you support?

I’m a PDP person


You support Jonathan?

Yes, I support Jonathan because I don’t know, I just don’t like Buhari. He can’t be putting up with corrupt people in the country and telling us he’s coming to fight corruption when those standing behind him are very corrupt.

What more should people expect from Mimi?

They should expect a lot of things. You know I have an NGO, MIBI House of Hope and it’s on. It’s an organization that stands for charity and stands for the youths; we interact with the youths and we’re trying to see how we can enhance and make things get better in Nigeria.



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