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White World Foundation empowers girls against predators

By Esther Onyegbula

In a conscious efforts to reduce the increasing rate of abuse on young adults especially girls, White world foundation organised its maiden capacity building and empowerment programme in Badagry to empower girls against predators.

The programme aimed at addressing low self esteem, rape, sexual abuse, teenage pregnancy, peer pressures faced by young adults had about three hundred participant.

In her welcome address, Team leader Ocheme Elizabeth, White world foundation said that the foundation is opening up the pathway for indigent girls to be empowered through capacity building.

Young-Girls1We decided to provide this platform to address the challenges of teenagers, as most times these sets of persons are neglected and ignored in the homes, churches, mosques, and school.  Surprisingly most of the abuses that they face are perpetuated by people who are supposed to provide them with succour.

Mistakes of past generations

Through this capacity building we are giving them feet to stand tall because, when they are well informed they won’t repeat the mistakes of the past generation which need to be curbed.

Emphasising the importance of empowering teenager’s girls, Ocheme Elizabeth, White world foundation, noted that food is important but not as important as knowledge in grooming a total woman.

Lamenting the falling moral standard of Nigeria and Africa and the use of young girls as sex symbols in musical videos, Mr. Ope Oke, CEO Dookes Place, he urged the teenagers to be focused and determined to excel in life. Adding that the way to the top is not between your legs but in your head and mindset he encouraged them to stand up, redefined and chase their dreams and not men.

In her presentation, the guest speaker, Bukola Ogunyeye, Founder Morna International children’s foundation, said it is high time we protect our young girls from predators who take advantage of the ignorance and vulnerability of most teenage girls by equipping them with the right knowledge and skill.

Young women needs to be empowered to end gender based violence by challenging predators. A healthy dose of self esteem reduces the likelihood of being abused by predators.

To avoid being raped you must always be mentally alert, think smart and trust your instinct and avoid being in secluded places alone with the opposite sex. The highlight of the section was the skill acquisition session where participants were taught how make Chinese cuisines and how to do facials.


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