A popular Nollywood actor, Chief Bruno Iwuoha has called for the abolition of obnoxious cultures against women and children in the society. Bruno was speaking in Abuja, when a group under the auspices of Zion City with the support of Busy Mind Entertainment premiered a movie titled; Revelation.

Revelation, a Nollywood/Hollywood movie that focuses on parenthood and the family, shows that a happy and fulfilled life is strongly linked with starting a family irrespective of how a child comes into being.

Bruno canvassed decent living for children in orphanage home across the country and called for the acceptability of adoption as part of African culture.

The actor maintained that there was nothing strange or negative in adopting a child from an orphanage home, as they also deserve to have a better life.  He explained that the negative perception of adoption in the country was one of the obnoxious cultures, built in the country among the peoples of all cultures.

According to him, this must change, for a better society, calling on Nigerians to change their perception on adoption.

The writer of the story, Mrs Sandra Nwugo, who said she was touched by hardship going through by some families due to childlessness, urged people not to be tied-down by unfounded norms African tradition.

According to her, “The unfortunate thing about having a child through other ways like adoption except natural birth is a taboo must change in Africa.”

The Movie Director, Mr Femi Abatan maintained that there were many people today, who still share in the unfortunate African norms.

He added that the belief still compelled some parents to be childless, while shortened doors of opportunities of having home against some children in motherless homes.

Abatan said; “This is not right, it is callous, the ideal is barbaric, selfish and a display of ignorance.

“The society should look closely into the issue of adoption and give hope to a helpless child. As a matter of fact, no child chose his parentage, and every child deserves a happy home.”

Commenting on the movie, the Deputy Director (Child Welfare), Social Development Secretariat in the Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA), Mrs Agnes Uta Hart said children in motherless homes desire family, and it could only be achieved through an adoption.

She further noted that although people complained of long process, “it is necessary in the interest of the child and even the parent.”



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