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Badagry cIrcuit Ahmadiyya celebrates Seeratul Nabi in style

The AHMADIYYA Muslim Jama’at, Nigeria, Badagry circuit organised a lecture on the Holy Prophet  Muhammad’s (s.a.w) perfect example in governance using the Post-Independence Nigerian Politics,  and the Forthcoming Elections, as a case study.

The lecturer,  Barrister Robiu Uthman alluded to Chapter 68:5 of the Holy Quran on moral excellence of the Prophet as a perfect leadership example in governance.

Uthman who is also a Missionary, Badagry circuit, Lagos, also referred to Michael Hart’s research work on 100 great men in world history torchlighting their political, industrial, religious, spiritual influence and achievements, with the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) adjudged the greatest by all standards.

Taking the audience down memory lane of Nigerian History, Uthman re-affirmed Nigeria’s great natural endowment and strong economic power in 1970s just as he decried the unfolding high rate of corruption with impunity as exhibited by politicians in government at all levels. “The abysmal failure of the various Governments to provide or fix basic social amenities-Food, Shelter, Health, Road and Especially Power, coupled with reckless expenditure of national resources for personal aggrandizement and selfish desires, to the detriment of the larger society, are some of the undoings of the society.

Also, Uthman further reiterated the need for individuals to discharge their civic responsibility and obligations in the unfolding political events/development.

He advised that every adult should ensure due registration and vote accordingly for right candidates of proven integrity and track records, regardless of political, religious or tribal affiliations.



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