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How Nigerians can benefit from online Black Friday sales


Black  Friday  is the most celebrated shopping day in history. Everything and everyone is up for a bargain, it is simply a day when you see the craziest discounts on various products from mobile, electronics, home appliances and fashion to beauty products. For many it has become a day when people save to do all their shopping for the year. For some, it kicks off the Christmas season with a perfect opportunity to get those Christmas gifts for friends and loved ones.

For many others it’s a day to get brand new products at incredible prizes. It doesn’t matter what products you are looking for, Black Friday is a day for everyone and anyone who ever has seen a need to shop.

According to statistics, Black Friday sales in 2013 recorded 307 million shoppers worldwide topping $57.4 billion in sales. With the rapid growth of e-commerce, online sales grossed $1.4 billion; an indication of the rapid awareness and improvement in the lifestyle of customers.

Bringing it back home, the Nigerian digital space was abuzz in November 2013 with news of the first Black Friday sale ever to be held in the country. The sale which was organized by Nigeria’s pioneer onoine retailer, afforded Nigerians the opportunity to experience deals and discounts that even their counterparts in the US and Asia would marvel at.

Jumia reported how powerful the lure of Black Friday was for Nigerians as the online store experienced web traffic that was unprecedented in its history, making their technology team proactively fall back on back up servers that they had not thought they would use so early.

Jumia said this year’s Black Friday is expected to be even bigger with more discounts on all items, adding that last year on Black Friday, the website saw over a million visitors.

According to Jumia, “This shopping trend has brought growth to the potential and visibility of the e-commerce industry. This has also empowered our customers and suppliers with great savings and avenue for brand awareness/ revenue respectively. It was recorded that retail contributed 17 percent to the nations GDP in 2013, with Black Friday arguably the largest contributor in the sector.”

Nigerians who participated in the sale in 2013 got deals with sometimes ridiculous discount of up to 70 percent.

Describing her experience, one of the Jumia Black  Friday Shopper in  2013 Aminat Abdul said: “It is one of my best shopping experiences ever. When I heard that   Jumia was having a black  Friday  event, I was skeptical but when I viewed the website I couldn’t believe the prices; I bought a lot more than I thought I would and still didn’t go over my budget. I was very impressed. Now for me, Black Friday has become the day I look forward to the most all year round.”



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