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2015: Why APC will defeat Jonathan – Kwankwaso

By Daud Olatunji, Abeokuta

Kano State governor and one of the presidential aspirants of All Progressives Congress, Rabiu Kwankwaso, has said that President Goodluck Jonathan will lose 2015 election following the deteriorating security situation and worsening economic scenario .

Kwankwaso, said this yesterday in Abeokuta, while on a mission to the state to woo people of the state to support his aspiration for the presidency, acussing the President of disregarding Rule of Law .

According to him, People’s Democratic Party, is weak like any other weak party in history this point is reinforced by the fact that only Jonathan is allowed to collect nomination form.

“The president has been tested and found to have performed poorly in all fronts by most Nigerians.

“You saw what happened at the national Assembly. Nobody is happy about that. Everybody is angry and shocked about it. It is a sign of the impunity we have been talking about.”

“We saw the signs early and decided to leave. The PDP printed one form for one man. We have never seen anything like that. This time around, PDP is as weak as any other party in the past. It is presenting only one man.”

“Nigerians have tested him and nobody is happy with his performance. There is no better place than APC.”

“Four million Nigerians are displaced because of insurgency. Thousands are in Niger, Thousands are in Chad. The President and the PDP are whipping up religious and ethnic sentiments around it to polarise the nation to win election.”

“Our military used to be known for its strength and valour. They have demonstrated that in Sierra – Leone, Dafur and other places. Today and unfortunately, we have a situation that is contrary to what we know before.”

” It has to the with the leadership at the top. It has to do with the capacity of the leadership at the top, it has to do with the political will of the leadership. APC has the capacity and the political will to provide the leadership needed to salvage the nation.”

“The insurgents have no place initially. They were roaming from one place to another. Now, they have carved out territories for themselves, hoisted flags and changed names. But APC if voted into power at the centre will provide the leadership capacity and political will to defeat the insurgents,” Kwankwaso said.


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