October 29, 2014

Niger’s Parliament passes law authorizing dual citizenship

Niamey –  The Nigerien Parliament on Wednesday passed a law authorising dual citizenship for all its citizens.

A parliamentary source said in Niamey that the law was unanimously passed by members of the parliament.

He said the law allowed Nigerien-born citizens to acquire citizenship of another country without losing their original citizenship.

He said this was a welcome idea for the Nigerians because such idea was previously prohibited.

He said the new law would allow Nigeriens who, for various reasons, had acquired citizenship of other countries, to continue enjoying their original citizenship.

“The law not only extends Nigerien nationality to sub-regional countries, but also allows our citizens to continue participating actively in economic as well as political activities of the country.”

“The new law will equally enable one to acquire Nigerien nationality if they get married to a Nigerien man or if they marry a Nigerien woman,’’ he added.

However, he said the law stipulates that Nigerien nationality would not be given to anyone who has been imprisoned for a crime that constitutes a threat to fundamental national interest or an act of terror, or has served a prison sentence of at least six months, regardless of the crime. (Xinhua/NAN)