Last week we brought you eleven Yoruba upcoming actresses running the show in the Yoruba movie sector. We thought that it would end there but how wrong we were. No sooner the story hit the streets than other actresses names were suggested from various quarters.

Here are twelve more names suggested by industry people. Potpourri went to town to talk to each one and here is your serving of potpourri of personalities, tastes, beliefs and aspirations. Meet them:

I don’t love acting only for money– Bukola Ogundare

Pretty Bukola Ogundare may be a rookie still learning the ropes but her passion for the job she has designed for herself is taking her places fast. She told Potpourri she found acting as far back as when she was in the primary school and all through the secondary school days. “ I was always in the cultural and theatre groups back in my primary and secondary school days.

Even when I was in the higher institution I was a part of a theatre group. The first film I featured in was Kamadupe. Others are Yemisi To Posh, Sokofun, Tani Olorun, to name a few. But my own first produced film is Ife Okan” she said

She has since produced other films which have set her on the pedestal to prosperity. According to her, acting has been good to her in many ways.

“Acting is what I love and what I love has been good to me. I am not in the acting business only for the money but also for the love of the job”, she said.


I can go extra mile to deliver my roles­- Enitan Odugbemi

Excitingly attractive Enitan Odugbemi has a kind of heart that connects with all the endowments she is blessed with. Sexy and busty Enitan has always known she was going to be an actress because she had taken to the trade as early as her secondary school days. With many films to her credit, buxom Enitan Odugbemi is looking to do more conquests in the make-believe world.

  “I started acting year 2005 but was doing it part-time then with Soji Eweade (Innocent) and later joined late Ahmed Alasari Film  Productions  in Abeokuta some years ago. After he died  Owolabi Ajasa has been my boss, my backbone and my mentor in the film industry”, she told Potpourri of her journey into the movie industry.

She has featured in many films like Aajo – Omo, Ayo Igbehin , Igbese Aii, Alayaki, to name a few. According to her, what drives her is bringing perfection into whatever she does either on set or off set.

“I can go the extra mile to deliver my roles but not as far as going nude or having sex on set. My most challenging role was in a movie titled Owu Funfun (not yet released) which is an epic movie. What challenged me to pick the script was what I was supposed to do in the movie.

I played the role of a village girl who was supposed to speak only in local Yoruba dialect without mixing it with any form of modern language or Lagos Yoruba. It was really inspiring and exciting and I think I did it so well”, she said.

I want to change how actors, producers treat the crewOlaide Ogunyemi

Ebony beauty, Olaide Ogunyemi has described herself as an easy-going person who doesn’t fuss over who gets what role. “My kind of person makes me stand out. When you are talking about upcoming actresses in the industry  I  m simply the person to be with. To me, getting a role is not a do or die affair. I take what comes to me with joy but I know I can never disappoint before the cameras”, she said

Olaide, a graduate of English and Literary Studies from Tai Solarin University of Education, started acting in 2008 after hooking up with Olaniyi Afoja (Sanyeri). She has featured in many films and has produced her own first film Damilola, which according to her, wasn’t a big box office success. “The movie didn’t really sell that much because it was my first production but I must tell you that it got good comments, especially, on my acting. Now I am working on my next movie”, she offered.

But what are Olaide’s dreams as an actress? “My dream is to make a change on  how our actors and producers treat the crew; and to play a role that people would be able to learn from, both now and in the future”, she answered.


I got my break through Antar LaniyanBola Mojeed

 Bola Mojeed, a mass communications graduate of Lagos State Polytechnic has no bad story to tell since coming into the movie industry in 2008. No sex for role offer; no sexual harassment or any unwholesome experience as an upcoming actress.

She had it all figured out for her because she was lucky to meet one of the most professional veterans in the business, Antar Laniyan.

“Mr. Antar Laniyan gave me my break into the world of acting. A friend of mine, Yomi Success introduced me to Mr Antar Laniyan and from there my career started.

Though Bola knows she hasn’t got there yet because according to her, “I am still growing but I know I will get there. So far, I haven’t seen a role that has really challenged me. I hope such roles come around”, she said.



I do whatever my script says- Bukola Olatunji

Bukola Olatunji says acting has been good to her. Stating her reasons, the public administration graduate of Ibadan Polytechnic said “Since I became an actress in 2008 things have turned better for me. Everywhere I go people now accord me special respect.

My first lead role was Talarole. I got the script through Yomi Olarewaju because he thought I could do it and I did it perfectly”, she said.

“Whenever I am on set I do whatever the director tells me to do. There is no role I cannot bring to life. The only thing I can’t do on set is to go nude.

I can’t do that for all the money in the world. And one advantage I have over others is that I speak several languages, including French because I spent some of my adolescent years in Abidjan, Ivory Coast”, she added


My husband understands the nature of my job-Mojisola Adedeji

Mojisola Adedeji’s journey into the movie world was a journey taken step by step. She started as a make-up artiste then graduated into being an actress. But right now, Moji produces movies more than putting up acts as an actress. Beautiful, sexy, and with a look that makes you think she is helpless, Mojisola is humble and prefers to keep her life simple.

“I am the same person whether on set or off set. Though, I do more of producing these days yet I know I am a good actress if I have to act. My first script was given to me in Abaniworan by Mr. Latin, Bolaji Amusan and Odunlade Adekola. Then later on, I featured in Lagos to Benin;that was a movie that made me a bit popular in the movie industry”, she said.

Not one that loves to dwell on her sexuality and her love life, Mojisola told Potpourri she likes to keep her personal life away from her job. “I keep my job away from my personal life. My job is one life and my personal life is another”, she added.


What my father, Ogogo told me about acting Shakira Taiwo

Shakira Taiwo is the daughter of veteran Yoruba actor, Taiwo Hassan, popularly known as Ogogo. Because of her father’s trade and influence, Shakira got introduced into the glitterati of movie world at an early age. In 1998 she had a cameo appearance in her father’s film Idajo Olorun. But it was not until 2004 she broke her duck as actress, though also in her father’s flick Obirin Sowanu.

“I’ve always liked every of his emotional movie. And I grew up telling myself that if I was going to act in any movie it must be a tragic movie, the likes my father has featured in so many times. So, I did Mofe”, she told Potpourri in a chat.

Shakira said though she has found herself in the same business as her father but pointed out that he had never breathed down her neck, telling her what to do or not except for some words of advice.

“He hasn’t told me not to take this role or that but he advised me to be careful the type of roles I play as an actress. He taught me to be polite; to always give my best in every part and not to accept every script that comes my way. According to him, people tend to believe what they see in movie, especially, when you play the particular role to perfection”, she said.

I’m not a saint but I’m DecentOmokehinde Oluwadamilola Bankole

Omokehinde Oluwadamilola Bankole is hot; both in looks and what she has upstairs. The Moshood Abiola graduate of mass communications found her way into the make-believe world on the back of Muyiwa Ademola who gave her first script. Kehinde has featured in many films and has produced a handful of hers as well. She is currently working on her newest effort Venom, a film she said would set her back by several millions.

I have featured in so many films. Some of them are Jenifa, Omoge, Animashaun, Alayaki,Igboya, Akoba Ile Wura, Sekemi among many others. I am also the producer of Ayanmo Ife,Asise Ko, Iyanje and Ife Oju. I am about shooting my next production Kadara Temi and planning to embark on my multi-million naira project titled Venom

Speaking about what is unique about her as a woman and an actress, Kehinde told Potpourri that she likes being herself no matter the situation she finds herself. “I love being myself. And I also love being real to people. I don’t like fake life. Then, I am reserved. I am not saying I don’t do what all our ladies do, I am not a saint but I am decent”, she quipped.

I cannot do what will tarnish my-Omotoyosi Jaiyesimi

Omotoyosi Jaiyesimi came into the industry in 2008. According to her, it was Adekola Tijani who brought her up in the business but Murphy Afolabi gave her the first shot at acting. Her first film Igba Iwa was produced by Murphy Afolabi. After that, she went on to feature in what she considers as her most popular film Teacher Oko.

Being a mother has not discouraged Omotoyosi as she moves from location to location to pursue her passion she said had ignited in her since she was a small girl. Since coming into the industry in 2008 she has featured in popular films like, Muniru ati Ambali by Olatayo Amokade, Enda’Losare, by Adekola Tijani among many others.

Speaking about her career, she said she cannot take up roles that will tarnish her image because she believes she should be a good role model to her child. “My dream is to be a superstar that will impact positively on everybody that sees me as a role model. I have a child too and I believe I should be a good example to him. I cannot do what will tarnish my image”, she says.


My dreams as an actress-Iwalola Adekugbe

She doesn’t have to tell you how endowed she is because the ‘back’ and the ‘front’ speak for themselves. Effervescent and fun-loving Iwalola Adekugbe hails from Ondo town and did most of her education in her native town before proceeding to Ibadan Polytechnic where she got her first degree.

Sexy Iwalola, who is called ‘Sweet Skimpy’ by friends blitzed into the Yoruba movie scene in 2009 after having followed her sister to several locations. “Let me say I started acting around 2009. I started with a small part in a soap opera called Aditu Eledumare but because of my school I was not able to pursue the career squarely. But since I got back I have been to several locations, shooting several movies. After Aditu Eledumare I did Akoba too”, she said.

Though still a rookie looking for the big score, Iwalola has her eyes set on lofty things. “My dream is to be very big in this industry; to become a name known all over the world. I know I am nobody now but you are looking at a great celebrity in the making”, she enthused. On why she is called ‘Sweet Skimpy’ by friends, she said it is because she loves skimpy dresses.

I can go to any length to interprete a role-Nike Idris

Polished, suave and sophisticated Nike Idris went to Greenwich University in the United Kingdom. Perhaps that explains a bit of her urbane looks and mannerisms that stand her out among her colleagues. She is into both English and Yoruba sector of the industry. She has done English movies like Campus Life and Senseless and a couple of soaps. Her most notable Yoruba films include Wosila directed by Saidi Balogun, Ana si Ana, Egbo Inu and Unforgivable by Dayo Amusa

According to her it was Ayo Adesanya that awoke the passion for acting in her. “I watched my first ever Yoruba movie, Gboko Gboko by Ayo Adesanya and I was hooked. I was so inspired with the way she acted in the film that I had to enroll in an acting school in the UK to learn how to act”, she revealed

But she has come a long way since then and seems to be doing just fine, finding her own feet in the industry. She says Dayo Amusa is the actress she looks up to because of her doggedness and talent.

“I can go to any length to interpret any role given to me. In Campus Life where I played the lead, there are so many kissing and sex scenes. It was crazy. You need to see it.”, she quipped.








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