By Tony Lohou
IF nothing is done by the government regarding claims of the World Teachers Union, the next 2014-2015 school year will be severely disrupted. The four stations and union confederations that had suspended their strike in April announced this at a press conference at the Labour House.

The next school year may be jeopardized if the government insists on its option of inertia and contempt. No social truce will be granted and it would be a shame, said Nöel Chadaré, Secretary General of the Confederation of Independent Trade Union Organizations, COSI-Benin.

Pascal Todjinou, Secretary General of the General Confederation of Workers of Benin, CGTB, adds: “The main thing for us is that the dialogue is Boni-Yayiestablished early. Do not expect the day of the school year and ask us to come so we can talk.” For unionists, there is still time for the government to address the issues not yet satisfied with their platform of demands.

The cancellation of fraudulent contests and the rise of the minimum guaranteed salary (minimum wage) to 40,000 CFA francs are only a small part. The settlement of temporary teachers, the issue of 25 per cent and cases of Pierre Agossadou, former Commissioner of the central city of Cotonou and Placide Azande, Prefect of the departments of Atlantique and Littoral still valid.

Todjinou attrributed the disastrous results for various examinations season to the facts of teachers’strikes, noting that it depended completely on the government. “The various ministers who have not entered the real dialogue in their respective sectors, are they not all held to the government?” he added.

Beninoise set for voters registration

AFTER the phase of participatory audit in Benin Republic’s electoral roll, one of the important phases is complementary registration. According to the new timetable established, this phase should be launched in a few days, instead of missing the big meeting of November 30, 2014.

While the COS/LEPI (Institution in charge of the electoral roll’s correction) has already made all the arrangements, the government of Boni Yayi is expected to accept responsibility if the funds are not released within the agreed period.

The Council of guidance and supervision of the LEPI (Institution in charge of the electoral roll’s correction) chaired by the Member of Parliament Sacca Lafia, according to our investigations, has already made arrangements for supplementary registration. This, according to the established timetable must begin next week, at the risk of distorting the meeting of November 30. Meanwhile the government has not released the money expected for this operation, estimnated at about 2 billion FCFA, although the administrative documents were forwarded since August 6, 2014.

Preparations underway at COS / LEPI

Our investigations indicate that the Board of guidance and supervision of LEPI has already taken the necessary steps to achieve “additional recording” phase. Officers who will be deployed in the field have been trained, while kits to be used during the operation have been “oiled” by technicians.

Additional recording

It must be remembered that in the first realization of LEPI in 2010, the political parties of the opposition, the Union fait la Nation, UN, made up mainly of the PSD, the PRD, the MADEP, the RB had advised their activists not to be recorded.

At the time, the officers had returned in some localities of Benin. Other Benin citizens, for one reason or another, could be also recorded. All these people had been invited in March 2014, during the audit participatory to register. Complementary registration consists in taking the picture and fingerprints of these Beninoise, and all those who have this year reached the ages of 12 to 18 years. Approximately 2 million Beninoise citizens are expected.

Other institutions and Beninoise turn to President Yayi

By the side of the COS/LEPI, everything is ready. There remains only the release of funds expected from the government of Boni Yayi . The Chairman of the COS/LEPI, Sacca Lafia, during the meeting he had with the Centre of Catholic Christians for Governance, said the paperwork for the request for funds were despatched since August 6, 2014.

This means that the current Minister of Economy and Finance, Komi Koutche, is already in possession of the file and should be diligent in concert with the President Boni Yayi, who promised, that the municipal elections will be held before the end of the year 2014; which means they have to unlock in time, the amount of about 2 billion FCFA for the additional recording, and the rest 2 billion FCFA, days after the other phases of correction.

Belleciane Fifonsi Hounvènou becomes new Miss Benin

THE 2014 edition of the national beauty pageant, ‘Miss Benin’, had its final stage, Saturday, August 23 in the Red Room of the Palais des congrès de Cotonou. Twelve candidates, all admirable as each other, were looking for the throne. After the parade, Belleciane Fifonsi Hounvènou, candidate from Oueme Department won the precious crown.

Aged 22 and measuring 1.72 m, she weighs 50kg. Belleciane Fifonsi Hounvènou is the one to whom now return the loads of beauty ambassador of Benin. From the different parades on Saturday, whether in local outfit, in police uniform, evening, beach or whatever at the expression, it is the passages of the candidate number 10 who convinced the jury of the evening.

Originally from Oueme department, Belleciane for the little we can remember her, likes reading and traditional dancing. As projects during her mandate, she has opted for the awareness of the people of Benin on the profits to be gained from the wealth of culture and tourism. According to the beauty lady of the year, she plans to support orphans and create a programme for pregnant women in difficult circumstances.

Belleciane will be supported by four candidates, namely, Madina Adjoa Cynthia from the department of Atacora, Sandy Fifamè Degboe from Mono’s department, Manuela Elvira Nononsi from the Hills’s department and Gloria Diane Gnonlonfoun from Littoral’s department.

They are, in the order named, 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st runner.  And to have had the chance to be elected, she will benefit, as his official predecessors of a car with a market value of at least $13 million and a driver paid by a ACMB during her term. Fifty thousand per month for nine months for the fuel needs.

A check of CFA 2,000,000F. She benefits too from trips when need be and above all when she’ll represent Benin at some cultural events abroad and a year of beauty treatments.

Student in the Department of Linguistics at the Faculty of Letters, Arts and Humanities  at the University of Abomey, Belleciane succeeded Sèna Nadia Dossa who was Miss Benin 2013.

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