September 7, 2014

Actress made me sexually aroused on set – Benson Okonkwo

By Ayo Onikoyi

First runner-up Vanguard’s Sexiest in Nollywood Actor 2013, Benson Okonkwo, is an actor who goes all out to make his movie roles as real as it could get. He once confessed to Potpourri that he was in support of the injection of soft-porn into our movies.  According to him, they “make the movies more real”

But in a recent chat. Benson wasn’t talking about pornography or gay issues for which he was severally linked in the past. He told us what he considered his most embarassing moment on set as an actor. His words: “Having an erection while acting a romance scene on set was  my most embarrassing experience . When the go-ahead signal was given, I and the actress got into the character of two lovers and we were in a parlour and started kissing and smooching. In fact my trousers were half way down but I was still wearing my shirt while she had removed her top, but believe me, she was so busty that what I saw turned me on, and I  presume, that made me have an erection.

“She felt my dick when it came up but we had to be professional and ignored it. I guess the girl’s big breast did that to me.  I knew it was mere acting but  I am human and I still have blood flowing in my veins.She noticed my erection and she just kept laughing. I guess she was surprised; the cast and crew members also laughed and made fun of me and I was a bit embarrassed. To me, that is the most embarrassing moment of my acting career.”