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Gov Orji’s succour for generator fumes victims

*Survivor relives ordeal

By Uric Ugbor
aba – ABIA State governor, Sir Theodore Ahamefule Orji, has offset the medical bills of last week’s generator fumes victims in Aba.

Orji, represented by his deputy, Sir Emeka Ananaba, during a visit to Austin Grace Hospital at Okigwe Road, yesterday, said it was in fulfilment of the promise of  the state government to offset the medical bills of the victims.

Ananaba, accompanied by his wife, Nene, and some government officials, said the governor was touched by the incident and decided to assist the victims.

The deputy governor, who thanked the medical team, police and others who ensured the victims were evacuated and taken to hospitals for treatment, noted that it could have been a more devastating situation if not for the prompt intervention.
Though Ananaba could not disclose the amount, it was gathered that the medical bills of the victims were over N7million.

Narrating how the incident happened, the coordinator of UtutuN Young Peoples Christian Fellowship, Abia State University, Uturu Miss Blessing Best Okeke, said, “The night vigil is national. The meeting took place with members from all over ngeria.  Around 1:45am, we spoke with the National President.

After that, we commenced the warfare prayer. I was the third person that took over the microphone . This happened between 2:10 and  2:15am that Saturday. The last thing I could remember was that after saying a word of prayer, my head was so heavy that I could not carry myself. Everywhere became so   dark. I was not seeing the person standing behind me, but I kept praying.

“We were doing a long haul prayer. My legs could not carry me. I tried to stan
d, I couldn’t. All I could do was to go to a nearby pillar to lean on it but my legs were shaking. I knelt down.

I was still having the microphone with me praying.
“After the last prayer point that we said, I handed over the microphone to another person. I didn’t know what happened thereafter.

“Where I was still kneeling, my knee could not carry me. I had to lie down. I was lying on the floor. All I knew was that I heard people’s voices but I was not seeing them around me. At a point, I was giving a sign with my hands, telling them to come and pray for me.

I knew they were not hearing what I was saying because my mouth was not opening. We were 17 in number (16 adults and a boy of two years.”

Mr. Ben Miracle Kalu, the convener and coordinator of the group in Aba, responding on behalf of other members of the group, attributed their survival to the mercy of God.
Kalu thanked Orji, his deputy and Abians who were in prayers for their survival.

The Medical Director of Austin Grace Hospital Dr. Mark Iwuagwu, said that, apart f
rom the child that was dead before help could come, the patients were going to be discharged tomorrow even as he assured that they were all medically fit and had regained consciousness.


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