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How Chapeau, others divide wine market

Undoubtedly, the wine market in recent time has witnessed an unprecedented competition from various entrants into the market.

According to Philip Kotler’s market postulation that new entrants should not challenge the market leader, this postulation has become belated, now, new entrants challenge the market leader (s), and still survive, especially where they have the financial capability, and the right marketing tool.

The market has become fiercer particularly where brands like; Bordeaux, Beaujolau, Malbec, Chianti among others hold sway, eliciting some serious marketing stunts, while deploying their intrinsic selling propositions to drive sales.

Other wines inability to totally close the loop hole in the market is what the new entrant, Chapeau, is harping on, the failure by other wines to reveal the process, naturally and procedure (s) that leads to the manufacture of their brands, opens another opportunity for Chapeau.

However, amidst the contending battle for market space amongst the various wine brands, Chapeau, a South African wine, marketed by Intercontinental Distillers Limited, IDL, made entry into the Nigerian market exhuding confidence that would count it amongst the best in the market in the next one year.

What basically that is responsible for the confidence, is the Managing Director, Intercontinental Distilleries Limited, Engr. Patrick Anegbe, statement during the official unveiling of the three variants of the wine; Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, all red wine, and Rose, where he said: I am delighted the company has been able to come up with a natural wine to tell Nigerians what a good natural wine should be, as against others which are synthetic. Whilst describing Chapeau as one of the best in Nigeria, Anegbe said the wines are made from well fermented fresh grapes to get the natural red wine, “this is different from what is found in the market, which are additives, sugar, alcohol and flavours.”

Chapeau, a French word, meaning, ‘I doff my hat,’ and this according to the Managing Director, is a befitting image for the product going by its quality.

On the unique selling point, the Brand Manager, Chapeau Wines, Chioma Alonge, said there are wines in Nigeria that are synthetic. For Chapeau, “it is 100 per cent natural wine, with wholesome goodness, refreshing, nourishing, “consumers should just go for it.” She remarked.

She went further to say that people really don’t know the differences in wine, there is limited knowledge about wine, so consumers just perceive everything that is red in a bottle is wine. “You know as doctors will always say, a glass of wine is good for the heart. Today, we are saying not just any wine, a glass of good wine, a glass of natural wine is good for the heart. A glass of Chapeau natural wine a day is good for the heart.”

The brand manager hinted that the company is going all out with 360 degree marketing communications materials to attack the market. “We are supporting the brand with 360 degree marketing communications material.”

Corroborating the Brand Manager’s statement, Joseph Mbanukwe a consumer said: “this wine is made with grapes. This is a wine that has undergone the quick heating process to make it what it is. It has an aromatic, fresh and fruity nose of pink grapefruit (Talking about the Rose brand). It is a nice option, especially for those who want good Wine.”



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