By Tony Lohou
THE UNAMAB and unions hadcalled for a general mobilization. The judges were even more supported for this third march to the Parliament, Thursday, July 24. Unlike the first two, the mobilization was great and general.

A part from the central trade union and confederations, the men in black or magistrates, the opposition parties such as “Alternative Citoyenne” of Pr Joseph Djogbénou, PCB and  “Union fait la nation (UN)” the march of magistrates, this time received the support of the National Union of the Parliamentary Administration’s Staff, SYNAPA, a delegation of FONAC led by Jean-Baptiste Elias and several members of the UN, which included Kolawolé Idji Antoine, Eric Houndété, Basil Comlan Ahossi, Louis Vlavonou and Sacca Fikara. The mayor of the municipality of Dangbo Clement Dona Gnonlonfoun also joined the movement.

Support for magistrates

Apart from the fact that officials of SYNAPA, headed by the general secretary André Odoun Aro mobilized alongside judges, they also placed a banner at the main entrance of the Palace of the Governors to reaffirm their belonging to the trade union CSTB of Paul Esse Iko and their full support to the magistrates. As might be expected, no board member of the National Assembly, and no responsibility for the parliamentary administration, has appeared in order to receive the motion of the demonstrators.

In the absence of the authorities of the National Assembly, they made statements denouncing the behaviour of the office of the parliamentary institution and call for a general mobilization to stop what they called the “dictatorial impulses” of President Yayi and his supporters.

According to Antoine Idji Kolawolé, member of the UN and former president of the National Assembly, the refusal of the office of the National Assembly seems “inexplicable, incomprehensible, and frankly, unacceptable.” He told the judges that the members of his party are for independence justice, noting, “we will use everything that the law allows for this draconian legislation not to be passed.

There is a special session which will be convened in a few days. We will fight, and I know that even members of FCBE (the government’s political party) are not in favour of that law, “recalled former President of the National Assembly.

According to the president of the UNAMAB, Michel Adjaka, since this Act for which they walk, has been enlisted in the plenary, it would be wise to wait until it is discussed to determine the action to be taken in the next few days. Michel Adjaka, also called “contempt”, the behaviour of the office of Parliament against them.

He hoped that Mathurin Nago responds to the request made to him by one of his colleagues July 21, 2014, who suggests the initiation of an investigation to listen to the protagonists.

Benin: Muslims celebrated Eid al-Fitr

SOME three million muslims in Benin Republic celebrated Eid al-Fitr, marking the end of the fasting month of Ramadan this week. On site, Muslims draped in their finest clothes, sacrificed to tradition, visiting the various sites of prayers, reserved for the occasion.

In Benin, arrangements were made for the celebration of Eid El Fitr taken place in good conditions. For proof,  Benin   government has implemented the necessary means to enable not only to Muslim worshipers, but also to all Beninese to celebrate the Eid El Fitr in harmony, communion and peace.

“To allow Muslims and all people of Benin celebrate Eid El Fitr in harmony, communion and peace, the government declared the day on Monday 28 July, statutory holiday on throughout the national territory, “said a statement published on the government website.

Very early in the morning yesterday, reserved spaces for prayer have been invaded by thousands of Muslims, who did not want to be told   the event. Imams, meanwhile, said the prayer as required by the religion. At home, hearty meals were served and the party continued late into the night.

To recap, last month, Muslims and their fellow Beninese around the world have observed the fast of Ramadan.


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