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I will run an all-inclusive government – Fayose

Abuja – Ekiti state’s governor-elect, Mr Ayodele Fayose, has pledged to run an all-inclusive government in order to move the state forward.

Speaking at a Forum in Abuja, Thursday, Fayose said that good governance would be better achieved when the state administration is broad-based.

The governor-elect said his administration would make use of technocrats within the party.

“When you say ‘all-inclusive’ it doesn’t mean that you will go and give these jobs to people who did not work.

“There are enough technocrats inside our party.

“It will be suicidal for any governor to abandon people that have worked for this support. There are learned, responsible people in our party in Ekiti.

“Okada (commercial motorcycle rider) will be special assistant, Egbira (tribe) must have special assistant, Igbo (tribe) must have special assistants, Iyaloja (market women leader) must have special assistants and non-educated people must have special assistants.

“So all-inclusive that I’m talking about means that even an illiterate will be part of the government.’’

To prove his point he said he would remove the gates at the government house so that the people could move in and out of the government house freely.

He also said that he would provide free meals for people wandering in the streets and give them a sense of belonging.

“Remove government house gates: when I become governor I will remove the government house gates, everybody will troop there even if the governor is not around.

“There will be about six cooks on the field and you will stroll in and stroll out. If I can provide one or two meals a day, food for people wandering, that will be good.’’ (NAN)


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