Adamawa State-born Professor Jubril Aminu, a Professor of Cardiology and former minister of Education and Petroleum Resources want those harbouring the thought of Nigeria disintegrating to have a rethink because it cannot happen.

He argued that Nigeria is not like Russia with distinct regions that could go on their own.
”Russia (Soviet Union) that we are talking about stretched from Curia Murrain island to Paluchian  island and to Estonia in the North; it was not a small country. Don’t  talk about Nigeria when you are talking about the size of Russia. Each of those units is a huge country.

Jubril Aminu

Look at Kazakhstan, these are parts of the Soviet Union, it is a country by itself now, it is rich in oil, rich in everything. If Kazakhstan goes, it goes on its way, it is not like the break up that we talking about in Nigeria; states that do not exist will now become countries.

”I told one governor, your state did not even have a name until the Federal Government gave it a name. Where do you find a name like Akwa Ibom in Nigerian history? You can say Imo was a river, Anambra is a river, and Enugu is a river. We were all created by the Federal Government, all of us. Adamawa was just a province, made up of Adamawa and Taraba and now Taraba is going its way.

”So this issue of we going our separate ways is an argument you can use for Soviet Union not Nigeria.
How can we go our separate ways? How can you really ask Nigerians to scatter? If you go to the market and tell them, ‘let us disperse now,’ they will not listen to you. If any group or any leader says that they can divide Nigeria, they are very much mistaken. The people want to remain together. In spite of their problems, noise and animosity, they still want to live together. If I don’t like you and I’m not going to stay with you, I will not talk of marginalization.

”These are all debates in a unified political system. If we are not together you will not complain about all that. So these things are indications that we think of Nigeria as one. I remember during the crisis leading to the war, the Igbos with the way they were talking, ‘we Nigerians, we are Biafrans, don’t forget.’

The only thing they knew inside their bone is Nigeria and when the war ended, they all moved back easily like they left only yesterday. There is no problem.”

Our problems is a challenge for devt, stronger unity—Aremu
Comrade Issa Aremu, the vice president of the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, and  a delegate on the platform of the NLC said Nigeria would emerge from the current challenges a stronger nation.

“There is no country of the world that is removed from crisis along class, religious and nationalities lines. United Kingdom has its own internal crisis of nation-building; the Welsh, the Scots are still seeking for autonomy. But there is possibly going to be a referendum on the Scottish question later this year or next year. Even some parts of United States, there are people who still want to break away from the United States of America.

So, you can see from the scale that Nigeria is even far more removed from crisis because after the civil war, the new generation of citizens born after the civil war, unless you tell them, they don’t know that we ever had a civil war because we had the best reconciliation- ‘No victor, no vanquished.’

“If we know very well that conflict is inherent in any human situation, you cannot make a case for a separation because of conflict.  In any case, the forces of conflict and war are looking for separation. So you don’t fulfill their prophecy by working to that level. I think the forces of unity, the forces of peace, should get united. They should not antagonise but should organize to sustain the unity and development of Nigeria.

And all these conflicts, we should not just see them as problems. We should see them as a challenge for development. Because take the North East crisis, whatever analysis you want to do, at the root of it is poverty and under-development.


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