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Husband seeks divorce over wife’s obsession with parties

ILORIN — ONE Salim Wahab of Okelele area, Ilorin, yesterday, asked an Ilorin Area Court to dissolve his marriage due to his wife’s obsession with parties.

Salim, 33, said his wife, Mariam, had turned into a party freak, spending every weekend attending parties and other social events, thereby neglecting her matrimonial duties.

“My wife always has ceremonies to attend and will never spend her weekends with me and our only child, instead she will go to parties with her wayward friends,” he told the court.

According to him, the marriage, contracted in 2009, is blessed with a child, named Quadri.

“My lord, I want an end to this marriage because I cannot cope with a woman that loves parties more than her family,” the husband begged the court.

The wife, however, objected to her husband’s request for divorce, saying that she was still interested in the marriage.

“My husband always wants me indoors, I promise to quit attending parties and spend more time with my family,” she said.

Mariam also prayed the court to give them time to reconcile their differences.

The presiding judge, Mr Yusuf Abdulkareem, acceded to her request and gave the couple up to July 24 to reconcile.

Court dissolves 4‑yr‑old marriage

Also, an Ilorin Area Court, yesterday, dissolved a four‑year‑old marriage between Bose Abiona and her husband, Akin, over the husband’s waywardness.

The presiding judge, Mr Yusuf Abdulkareem, in his judgment, dissolved the marriage and issued a certificate of divorce to the petitioner.

Bose, 30, a resident of Sango Area, Ilorin, had asked the court to dissolve her marriage to her husband for his waywardness.

She told the court that Abiona was fond of parading different sets of ladies and kept lying to her that the ladies were just friends.

“My husband prefers his girlfriends to me because he always buys recharge cards for them,” Bose claimed.

The petitioner also alleged that her husband preferred spending much of his time with his concubines outside and would abandon her at home. She said the marriage was contracted in 2010 and had yet to produce any child.

Bose, who urged the court to dissolve the marriage, said: “My husband respects her external ladies more than me, his housewife, and I cannot continue to suffer in an ‘unproductive marriage’.”

The respondent did not oppose the petition, but urged the court to grant Bose’s application.

“I wish her well as she prefers to go and try another man since I am not trustworthy,” he said, and urged the court to grant the prayer without any claims.


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