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F-L-I-C-K-S! Brazilian hair or head?

Am in a quagmire
y request list is filled to the brim. And all of them are coming from females. Funny enough, the few men who got across also made requests of the same – Brazilian hair. I wonder what for. Maybe, for commercial purposes or for trade by barter. ubani-2014

The barter point makes more sense because I can’t fathom out what a man would be doing with Brazilian hair. Definitely, the requests are not made on behalf of their wives. I know my friends and they know me. They love their wives but not to the point of buying Brazilian hairs for them. And no man would want his wife to go beyond the boundary to fix or wear a hair that would make men turn their heads or make passes at them.

It is a well known fact that celebrities and mostly students love this type of hair for their extensions. One lady called and requested that I buy ‘’Brazilian head” for her. Laughter! How do I get a ‘Brazilian head’ when I am not a ritualist? These requests have made me to go asking about the Brazilian hair. Truly, most of the Brazilian girls have very trendy, luxury, eye-caching hairs. Our receptionist in our hotel has one that gets to her knee. And it is natural.

I’ve told her of the deluge of requests from home on Brazilian hair and she agreed to take me to the market. What about cutting her own for me? ‘’No. Police arrest you”, she warned and that puts my dreams and fantasies in check.

The hair stands them out. They carry their head lovingly and wag their heads in a way that makes even a good man to lust after them before getting lost. I know that a woman’s beauty may be fatal to her. So, what makes Brazilian hair different from other hairs, I asked. I got an answer that ‘’Brazilian Virgin hair is one of the best qualities of hairs because the cuticles are unidirectional – which means women will have a lot less tangling.

It is untreated and completely natural. The hair itself is thick, shiny and often contains a slight wave. Because of its texture, this type of hair extension can be used by diverse ethnic groups. But importantly, why this hair is in high demand is because of its shelf life. Brazilian hair can last up to a year when cared for properly. It is hugely popular but generally also incredibly EXPENSIVE. I thank God for my wife’s natural long hair.

   How’s Boko Haram?

Imagine being stopped on the way and asked the above question. I was shocked when a Brazilian Journalist singled me out because of my Nigerian jersey to ask of Boko Haram, the deadly terrorist group that have wrecked havoc on our dear country hoisting us on the front burner of World attention for the wrong reasons.

The kidnapped school girls are still in yet to come back to their parents. The World have lent their hands to Nigeria to curb the killings or totally eliminate them. Out here, we still read that more bloods are still being shed by them. Little wonder therefore that Emilio Coutinho asked after them. ‘’Are you from Nigeria?”, he asked extending his hands. ‘’How;s Boko Haram?”, he asked almost immediately. I was puzzled not knowing how to respond. ‘’They are killing too many people. Are you going back?”, he asked.



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