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‘The enemy tied my mother’s womb; she carried my pregnancy for 39 months’

It is not everyday that you find somebody whose life is full of mysteries. So when you meet one, you are bound to  appreciate what he or she has gone through. So it is with Madam Emumukade Omopenu Adedewe Pitan, 89, who claimed to have spent three years, three months in her mother’s womb; crept, as a baby, into a fire; and married according to prediction.

By Lekan Bilesanmi

Can you explain how your birth took place?
My mother was the fourth out of the eight wives my father married. But despite the number,I never, for once, heard any quarrel among the wives. I was told I was in the womb for 39 months. My mother was into corn mix and was very comfortable with it.

Madam Emumukade Omopenu Adedewe Pitan
Madam Emumukade Omopenu Adedewe Pitan

As I said , my mother , to the best of my knowledge, was at peace with all the wives. So, one could not possibly think evil against any body because everywhere was peaceful. I learnt that while I was   in my mother’s womb for those three years and three months, someone, out of pity, called my mother and offered to help so she could deliver me provided she would do whatever she asked her to do.

My mother didn’t say anything to me before she died; it was that same woman who helped my mother in the delivery that  narrated   the story to me. My mother agreed and she was told to buy some things for sacrifice which she did.

What were the things she was asked to buy?
I don’t know, like I have said earlier, my mother did not tell me this story before she died, the woman told me. She said what my mother bought was accepted for the sacrifice and she then  told her she would give birth to a baby girl and the child must be married into her family.

After I was born, I wasn’t up to four months when my mother resumed her business of corn mix. One fateful day, she was preparing her corn mix and I was placed beside where she was cooking.

I was told that I was sleeping while she was doing the cooking. While   she was preparing the corn mix, she went inside to get a bowl she was using to sell the corn mix and by the time she was back, I was inside the burning fire and I wasn’t even crying, but immediately she carried me, I cried out.

Who put your hand inside the fire?
I was put inside the fire by an unknown person. I wasn’t crawling at that age, so there was no way I could possibly crawl into the fire.
I was in the fire, yet I didn’t feel the impact until my mother carried me out of it. This is why the scar of the fire in my right hand is indelible.

When your step mother told your mother you should get married to her family member, did it come to pass?
It did. I got married to her family member.

How did it happen?
It was amazing   how it happened because we didn’t know each other before we met. He wasn’t even from Ijebu-Igbo. He was transferred there to work. I and my friends were fond of making fun of him, because he was not in the reckoning of the men I wanted to marry and I would never have believed it if someone had told me we would get married.

It all happened when my elder brother called me to our uncle’s house, I met him (my husband) and, right there, in my uncle’s house, he was telling me that I would become his wife. I was angry at him, because that was the first time I was meeting him. One would have expected that before any talk of marriage, there would be courtship, but this was a man I never knew, and here he was telling me he was going to marry me. Eventually we got talking and then we got into a relationship.

As a civil servant, he was periodically going for refresher courses here and there. So he was in Ibadan for a nine-month course. It was agreed that as soon as he finished the course, we would wed .

There was no phone then to communicate but he was always writing. When he finished the programme and returned to Ijebu-Ode, to my surprise, he went behind me to perform the marriage rites.  It was my elder brother who called me to say  my dowry had been paid and that I was now married to him. At that time, he had become a Level 9 sanitary inspector. Shortly after the rites, I joined him in Ibadan

What advice do you have for those from polygamous homes?
I don’t want to mention names, but when I was told about the person that did all the evil things that happened to me and my mother, I really thank God because when I heard the story, I wanted to avenge, but I thank God for standing by me. When my mother died, her burial was to be in the second month but because my elder brother was misled, my mother’s burial was suspended until after 21 years.

Recently I have been thinking that is either my mother did something wrong to the woman or there is a secret behind her not telling me the full story, but I really thank God for her not telling me. Because the spirit of God told me if my mother had told me the story I would have hated the woman and even planned to burn down the house on her.

Let me tell you this, if anyone should go the extra mile to do evil against me and I know who the person is, I will never revenge because I know the gift of God in my life surpasses all evil.

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