June 17, 2014

Ekiti mechanics ask members to vote for Fayemi

Ekiti mechanics ask members to vote for Fayemi

Gov.Fayemi addressing the press

The Nigerian Automobile Technicians Association (NATA) in Ekiti State has adopted the All Progressive Congress, (APC) candidate, Dr Kayode Fayemi, as its candidate. NATA said the adoption is in line with the recent adoption of Fayemi by the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) of which NATA is an affiliate member.

In a statement by the Ekiti State NATA Chairman, Olasehinde Olubodun, the group which is the oldest and the largest informal sector organization in Nigeria, said the adoption was informed by the ‘glaring transformation of Ekiti state in the context of the 8-point agenda.”  NATA urges its members to come out en masse and vote for Dr Fayemi.

Olubodun said: “We fully support the Government of Dr Kayode Fayemi. We are impressed by the mechanic village being planned for NATA workers in Ekiti State. We are impressed by the plan to send our members for training abroad this year. We have trust in this regime. We give our unflinching support to a government of the people, driven by the overall interest of Ekiti people.”

He said NATA remains blood-bound to Dr Fayemi, saying that the Governor is a member of NATA and has a long relationship with him beginning from the days of the campaign against military rule. Besides, he said “we worked together for several years. We are deeply committed to the second term ambition of Governor Fayemi. He is one of us and we are going to give him 100 percent of our support.”

He said since 2010 when Dr Fayemi came to power, he has led the campaign for the new Mechanic Village which is being promoted by the National Automotive Council (NAC) in Abuja.

“Under his administration, mechanics in Ekiti State now have a sense of belonging.

We are currently working with the state government in collaboration with the National Automotive Council. Ekiti is going to be one of the two states, with Osun as the second, that will host mechanic village in the country”, he stated.

Besides, he said the mechanic village will be equipped with modern equipment and has the capacity of engaging over 3000 workers when completed.