May 22, 2014

Veritas University Accounting Dept gets ICAN accreditation


THe Veritas University Accounting department has gotten a professional accreditation from the institute of chartered accountants of Nigeria ICAN.

The Vice Chancellor of the university Prof. Michael Kwanshie,   disclosed this recently in Abuja,   during a press briefing to intimate the society of the landmark achievement by the university.

Kwanshie said, the accounting department was among the programmes that received full accreditation by the National University Commission, NUC, at its first visit to the university for programme accreditation exercise in 2012.

According to him, “On the 9th of July 2013, the institute of chartered accountants of Nigeria ICAN visited veritas University for the professional accreditation of the accounting department or programme of the university. The accreditation team were impressed with was available in the university in terms of stuffing and teaching. At the end of the visit, the institute of chartered accountants of Nigeria gave full professional accreditation to the accounting department”.

“The accreditation corroborate the university’s mission of providing its students with integral and holistic formation that combines academic and professional training with physical, moral, spiritual, social and cultural formation. As Nigeria try to transform itself and build peace, it needs men and women of courage who will speak out and act in the light of the truth.

The university recognises this challenges and in her formation of her students tries to inspire them to become agents of change in a troubled world.

“We hope that proper accounting training, all these problems of corruption and accountability will be checked appropriately. They medium to call on ICAN, to always monitor other accredited institutions to ensure that professional standard are maintained”, the VC, said.

On the transformation of the society by the students in the university,   “We hope to bring out the leadership qualities in the students and motivate them towards action in the cause of justice in the world” the VC said.

Prof. Kwanshie, also used the occasion to informed the general public that, “veritas university has moved from its take-off campus in Obehie where it’s first set of students in 2008, to the main campus in Abuja. Though we still have some few students there, but within a short period of time, we hope to bring them here in the main campus”.

He noted that, the movement to the main campus has the institution the opportunity to expand its programme base. The university is expected to build more classroom blocks and recruit more qualified stuffs, to maintain world class standard that the university was set to achieved”