Being an open lecture delivered by Sheikh Mustapha Sanusi Zuglool, Mudeer Dharu-Dawah Wal-Irshad, Isolo, Lagos entitled: Gay marriage: The Islamic Perspective. The lecture was organised by Allahu-Samad Foundation of Nigeria (ASFON) in Lagos recently.

We thank Almighty Allah for giving us the grace to be Muslims and also love the noblest of Prophet, Muhammad (s.a.w). There are places in the world where the mere mention of the name of Holy Prophet Muhammad will cause pain and crisis because they will attack the Muslims.

But we thank Allah that many of us are Muslims and we can come together to chant the name of our Prophet and as well commemorate his birth.

The occasion of eid-il-Maolud is a global event to commemorate the birth of the Prophet of Islam.

All the prophets of God are loved by every Muslim and that is why we pride ourselves as being the best of creation for loving all the prophets of God. Let us take a cue from the culture of naming of our children after the prophets of Allah. This is done only by the Muslims.

We have not heard any Christian who named his new born baby boy Muhammad simply because Christians dont believe in him. But Muslims could name their baby boys Isa just because of the universal love and believe in all the Prophets of Allah.

It is the Muslims that are the true believers because no one can pass as a believer without believing in what God has created including the prophets. The entire prophets are the same and from the same source; you must honour them and revere them.

You cannot believe in Allah without believing in all the Prophets; you cannot believe in the prophets without also believing in all the scriptures; or in the existence of the angels, believing in the day of judgement as well as destiny. All these articles of faith form the basis for sound faith in Allah, if you disbelieve in any one of them, you cannot be called a believer.

Almighty Allah sent prophets to different people to carry out different tasks. Among the long list of prophets, 97 per cent of them were sent to stop people from paganism while only three per cent were sent for other different purposes.

Among these three per cent were Prophets Shuaib and Lut. While Prophet Shuaib (a.s) was sent to the people of Madian (the Midianites were Arab race who were neighbours of the Canaanites.

Prophet Yusuf was sold into slavery to the Midianites merchants who took him to Egypt) to stop them from hypocricy, greed and dishonesty, Prophet Lut (a.s) was sent to the people of Sodom beside river Jordan (Sodom & Gomorrah) to stop them from homosexualism. Prophet Lut warned them against this act.

We also sent Lut; he said to his people: Do you commit lewdness sich as no people in creation has ever committed before you? For you practice your lusts on men in preference to women; you are indeed men who a people transgressing beyound bounds.” (Q 7: 80-84)

It is at this point that we commend the step taken by President Jonathan who signed into law the anti-gay/same sex marriage law which carries 14 years jail term for anyone found guilty of the offence. We also condemn all the Western nations that have joined in legalising same sex marriage and its activities.   We accept the fact that some of them were our colonial masters who we have shared development ideas on socio-political and economic situation together in the past but on this issue we are happy to be different. We should not be bothered by their threats after President Jonathan signed the anti-gay bill into law.

That was why I said earlier that Islam is the best religion because this issue of same-sex marriage or homosexualism has been condemned over 2014 years ago. Islam specified stiffer punishment more than what we have ruled on the issue. It is our pride that Islam has forewarned mankind on this ugly trend that is rearing its head in the world today. In 1965 when I visited the city, (Sodom & Gomorrah) I saw how Allah dealth severely with them. In what has become a tourist attraction today where a lot of people even from this country visit, it is enough to learn from what led to their predicament.

It was reported by five of the authentic sources of hadiths: Dawood, Ibn Nisai, Ibn Majah etc, that Ibn Abass reported that the Prophet said: “Any one found guilty of sodomy or practising what the people of Lut did, (homosexuality) such people should be killed.

Again, Seidah Aisha reported that the Prophet at a time in the morning after performing ablution and while proceeding into the Mosque said: “Woe and punishment of Allah be unto the people of Lut.” The Prophet was said to have said it in tears rueing over the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah.


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