As the world marks Valentine Day a cross section of Nigerians have urged called on to use the occasion to forgive grudges and see the best in their partners.

In a survey by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday in Abuja the respondents had divergent opinions about the significance of the day.

Mrs Magdalene Michael said that it should be a day for lovers, saying that Saint Valentine, in whose name the day was derived, helped to make marriages work.

“It’s basically a day for lovers to share love; to be reminded that you are thought of; to me, it is not a day for family and friends, Christmas period serves that purpose.

“Even Boxing Day is a day to send and receive gifts from all and sundry but Valentine Day is just for you and your husband or loved one.

“Husbands and wives should get together, especially those that are having problems or issues should forgive and forget and enjoy the day; it is meant for reconciliation.

Michael added that it is a day for reconciliation and husbands should re-ignite the passion and love that characterised their relationship at the beginning.

“My husband has already bought everything to make me specially cooked food and all I have to do is just to sit down and savour the pleasure of eating my husband‘s food.

“Sometimes it’s not about gifts, little gestures that are meaningful speak so much and I just love him for it. This to me means more than any gift he would have bought.

“My advice for lovers today is to forgive any wrong because love should not bear grudges and it covers a multitude of sins.

Mr James Anzaku, another respondent said to him, Vvalentine Day was just like any other day and people should rather lavish that money they use in buying unnecessarily expensive gifts on the less privileged.

“People use this day to misbehave and do immoral things which should not be.”

Christiana Peter, a single lady, said she looked forward to Valentine Day every year because it’s a time to show love and not hold back your feelings for the one you cherish.

“It’s a special day for lovers; I think it should be celebrated; for some lovers that that are always forgetful about birthdays, you need to set a day aside to show the person that you really care.

“Lovers should go somewhere special,  go to  places they normally could not afford; eat special food;  you  should reach out to the less privileged every other day but the Valentine Day is for lovers,’’ Peter said.

Malam Hayatu Ibrahim who said he cherished Valentine Day, however said that he does not have much money to express his feeling to his spouse.

Ibrahim also observed that many people were taking the celebration out of context by doing things that were not morally right.

“Valentine is good to show people love though there is no money to spend. When you are celebrating, do not do things that will be inimical to you or cause you pain at the end.

“Some people will go and drink and drive and at the end of the day, kill themselves because of reckless driving.

“Some will go and sleep with ladies; this is wrong; it is not what those who introduced it meant; celebrate it with good intention not with bad intention, Ibrahim advised.

Saint Valentine’s Day, also known as Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is observed on Feb. 14 every year across the world. (NAN)


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