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Ultimatum to power firms, unnecessary, says LCCI


Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, LCCI, has declared that it would be impossible for the new investors in the power sector to provide uninterrupted power by June this year, as directed by President Goodluck Jonathan.

President of LCCI, Alhaji Remi Bello, made this known in an interview with Vanguard, pointing out that Jonathan’s directive was uncalled for.

According to Bello, the new investors in the power sector invested their money in the project with a view to making profit and therefore, did not need an ultimatum from the president if they were poised to make their money or stay in business.

“The President gave the new investors an ultimatum of June 2014, but what I am saying is that they do not need to be given an ultimatum. They are in the private sector. It is a profit making venture. If they are poised to make their money, they don’t need an ultimatum. Who will put his money into a business without thinking of how he would recoup his money?

’’I want to believe that even the June ultimatum is too far, but as we are talking, the supply is low, some of them, I think Ikeja DISCO is apologizing to their customers that they had challenges.  That is the kind of thing we will be seeing, we will be seeing responsiveness from these providers unlike what obtained in the past.

’’Now you have where you can go and report your problems and I am more than too sure that, before you know it, except there is a law, but I don’t think there will be that law, you will see people challenging these companies in the court of law, that will serve as the impetus that will nudge them; if you don’t give me electricity, you can’t bill me” he said.

He said it was important for the government to ensure that the prepaid meter was emphasized, so as to ensure uninterrupted electricity, adding that, the moment they know that if they don’t give electricity, they will not make their profit.







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