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February 14, 2014

Nollywood damsels’ “Most romantic Valentine’s Day experience ever”


St. Valentine’s Day which is celebrated worldwide today, February 14th of every year, means different things to different people. For some, it is a day to rekindle the flame of love, by Indulging in all sorts of amoral acts while to some it is a somewhat solemn day reserved for doing extraordinary act of good, either by caring and sharing with the less fortunate people.

But the consensus notion, regardless of  the coloration that is attached to it, is agreed that it is a day set aside to celebrate love; among couples, friends and even families.

However for everyone who has ever had to celebrate the occasion there might be one particular one that keeps resonating in the heart as unforgettable. That little memory is tucked away in the inner recess of the heart and cherished as a day to remember for always.

In this St. Valentine’s Day special. WG went to town to sample the pulse of some of our screen goddesses to find out if they have ever had a St. Valentine’s Day they would consider ‘the most romantic ‘ they have ever had.

My most romantic Valentine was spent in Dubai – Ayo Adesanya

My most romantic Valentine was spent in Dubai. Shopping in the morning, romantic dinner in the evening, we went for a cruise later and then off in to the warm Dubai dessert sands for a romantic dessert ride-  all these left me looking forward to the  trip again

*Anita Joseph

My Boyfriend gave me a car gift – Anita Joseph

My most romantic St.Valentine Day was way back in 2009. My boyfriend gave me a surprise package as Valentine’s gift. Wow, I never expected a car gift as Valentine’s gift.

A trip to the Bahamas and a Rolex watch – Mercy Aigbe

My most romantic Valentine was precisely four years ago when my hubby took me to the Bahamas! Gosh, it was fun! And on top of it all,  I got a gold Rolex wristwatch as gift.

Instead of being jealous my boyfriend gave me a kiss – Crystal Okoye

Nigerian men could love if not for the hard times in the country,my memorable Valentine experience was when I went for a dinner with a loved one at Transcorp Hilton in Abuja and two different people that I didn’t  know gave me lovely gifts. My date saw the gifts and wasn’t fussy about it,instead he gave me a kiss to let everyone know I belong to him.

My boyfriend took me to a private beach – Mimi Ubini

My most romantic St.Valentine’s Day? That will be when my ex boyfriend took me to this private beach called Ilasa Beach I think, we spent a day there, it was really fun.

My husband carried me like a baby to his soft-light-lit room …. Maureen Cyril

My most romantic Valentine’s Day was last year when my husband, then my boyfriend,  sent me a text a week earlier inviting me for a formal dinner at his place,so he had to wear suit and tie  and me, a dinner gown. He prepared a three-course meal and candles everywhere with a sexy music playing softly in the background.

Then after the meal he cleared the  table and carried me like a baby to his soft light-lit room and dropped me like an egg on his red  flowered bed with the music still playing and……..I’ m not sure you would want me to go into details of the night but I swear it was the  most memorable Val’s Day of my entire life because somehow I got tired of the gifts he always got for me because I needed something romantic.