THE Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, in the South South region, yesterday, hailed President Goodluck Jonathan and the National Assembly for defying pressures from the West to pass the Same Sex Prohibition Bill into law, describing homosexuality and lesbianism as unacceptable animalistic practices that must not be traced to sane human beings.

The regional association thanked President Jonathan for the boldness in signing the bill into law, just as it hailed  members of the National Assembly who overwhelmingly voted in favour of the bill despite dollars being dangled at them by emissaries from Western governments.

Articulating the position of South South Christians in a telephone interview, Chairman of South South CAN, Archbishop God-Well Avwomakpa said Nigerians are united in their crusade against such deviant acts, urging the nation’s leaders across the board to seek ways of revamping the nation’s economy and call off the bluff and stem the tide of these growing deviant cultures daily being imported into the country.

Avwomakpa also had a word of advice for Western leaders who are currently threatening African leaders to swallow the bitter pill of Sodomy and attract the wrath of God, to demonstrate their commitment to the cause by immediately divorcing their current spouses and marrying people of the same sex.

He also argued that America won the Second World War, not because they had superior weaponry but because their forefathers had secured their future by handing their destinies in the hands of God, but  stressed that a generation was rising to undo all that their forefathers had done for them.

He said: “The West brought the gospel to Africa, but they must be told that the gospel they brought was not that of same sex marriage which is fraught with plenty of gun powder.

“If they must force the pill down the throat of African leaders they should first of all divorce their spouses and take on new ones of the same sex. Some of us will gladly attend such nuptials and pray for them and the world will then know that they are not hypocrites.”

They should urgently return to God who helped them to win the World War II.

“Though tribes and tongues may differ in Nigeria, every Nigerian knows the difference between a man and a woman and they have demonstrated thus far that what the West nations are trying to hoodwink Africa to swallow is Sodomy for which God raised fire to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah,” the South South CAN chairman explained.

According to him, nobody gets away with such abuses against a sovereign God who had decreed against such perversions, noting that there are thousands of women all over the world who are looking for life partners and some perverts are recommending that young men such go after young men in the name of human rights.

“They should leave Nigeria alone before God will be provoked to act against them. It is on account of this clamour that they have decimated the erstwhile united Anglican Church and they still have not learnt any lessons there from. They are hiding under the guise of human rights, but they must understand that if freedom becomes too relaxed it becomes slavery in disguise,” he added.


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