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Gulak condemns APC threat to block Budget, Ministerial nominees

By Hugo Odiogor

The Special Adviser to the President of Political Matters, Alhaji Ali Gulak has condemned the threat by the All Progressive Congress, (APC) to order its members to abstain from acting on any executive bill until the Presidency restrains its agents from interfering in the crisis in Rivers State.

Specifically, the opposition party, which has gained membership strength from the series of defections from the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP), said it would order its members not to participate in the debate for  the 2014 Budget, the choice of Service Chiefs and Ministerial nominees sent to the  National Assembly by President Goodluck Jonathan.

But the Special Adviser to the President of Political Matters,Alhaji Gulak said the role of the opposition party in a democratic governance is to provide credible and constructive opposition to the ruling party by offering constructive criticism and alternative solutions rather than plot to derail the democratic rule with threats to abandon it constitutional obligations.

In a statement issued in Abuja yesterday, Alhaji Gulak said the threat by APC to order its members in the National Assembly to stop debate on the 2014 Budget and the list of persons sent to it for confirmation as Ministers exposes the plot by the opposition to derail the nation’s democratic rule as such action is meant to jeopardise social and economic activities in the country.

According to Gulak, “this is tantamount to declaration of war on the people of Nigeria by the opposition party and no responsible government would fold its arms and watch this happen, the opposition is taking the limits of its functions too far”.

He said the opposition party is hiding behind the political crisis in Rivers State to expose its hidden agenda to make the country ungovernable. We have contended with the violent arm of this agenda in Northern states in the past three years and it appears that those behind the violent opposition to the Goodluck Jonathan administration want to expand the theater of its operation.


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