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December 12, 2013

Egbe Amofin denies adopting candidate for NBA President

The Egbe Amofin Yoruba forum, a highly influential umbrella body of lawyers of Yoruba extraction, has denied adopting any candidate for the Nigerian Bar Association 2014 Elections for the post of Presidency.

Secretary of the forum, Mr. Yinka Ajileti who spoke with Vanguard said that he had been directed by the leadership of the body to call a meeting for January 18, 2014 to receive and consider the report of the Screening Committee which was mandated to appraise the prospective aspirants for the NBA Elections.

He said: “Nobody has been nominated by the Egbe Amofin as its flag-bearer for the elections. More so as the NBA leadership is yet to lift ban on electioneering campaigns” adding that the issue did not arise as the forum is yet to receive the report of its duly appointed screening committee.

The Egbe Amofin scribe described the splinter group that purportedly adopted one of the aspirants as a candidate for the NBA presidency as “an illegal body” comprising only six of the forum’s 28 branches, adding that the forum was not perturbed by their antics.

However, there were strong indications at the weekend that the forum may sanction the arrowheads of the splinter group for the embarrassment caused the august body. Feelers also emerged that the purported adoption by the splinter group was to preempt the endorsement of a female candidate by the forum, given that she was believed to have garnered more support among the branches.

It will be recalled that six of the 28 NBA branch chairmen in the South West Zone recently met at Akure and sensationally suspended the revered Chief Bandele Aiku-led Executive of the forum. In a move viewed as an act of desperation by many watchers of NBA politics, the group also “adopted” their alleged sponsor as the Southwest candidate for the forthcoming NBA presidential election.

Irked by the antics of the splinter group, chairmen of 16 NBA branches in the South West zone including Oyo, Ilorin, Offa, Badagry and Ibadan requisitioned a meeting of the forum which is now slated for next January.

The NBA had adopted a gentleman’s agreement to rotate its presidency between the West, East and North. The 2014 NBA Presidency has been zoned to West, the incumbent NBA President Okey Wali SAN having taken the slot of the East. Alleging exclusion from this arrangement, the Mid West Bar Forum was also pushing the candidacy of one of its own.