November 24, 2013

NASCOM hails Kwara over national school sports fiesta

The 18th annual inter-house sports competition of the Olatunde Lawrence Memorial Schools, Nursary and Primary held at the Gaskiya Estate Mini Stadium, Lagos. Ikamt Babatunde of yellow house leading Okpe Sarah of green house and Latifat Ibrahim in the 50m girls event for nursary pupils. Photo by Sylva Eleanya.

The Chairman of the National Academicals School Sports Committee (NASCOM), Yemi Idowu has lauded the contribution of KwaraState in ensuring that the Sterling Bank-sponsored 6th National School Sports Festival (NSSF) holds.

Idowu said the level of support accorded the organisers coupled with the facilities in place remains a big surprise to him

“Kwara state is one of the biggest surprises for me. Having a one-stop facility of this nature made it easy for us. Indoor sports halls, wonderful pitches and they even have a Cricket pitch here. AkwaIbomState disappointed us and we took solace in Kwara and there’s this revelation that lots of things are happening outside Lagos.

Idowu said every one in a way is involved in sports, adding that the fact one does not win a medal when running to catch a bus does not make the person less an athlete.

“Some of us have been privilege to have a background of structured sports. NASCOM is particularly interested in school sports and children below 17. Once a child is 18, 19, there’s really not much progression. When you take a child of nine years, you can manage their progress as they graduate into the elite sports.

“You get the joy on seeing how that child responds to training or instructions, the behaviour of the child and how the character evolves and that gives me a lot of satisfaction and that is why I am particularly involved with grass root sports.  We will grow out the problem of sports in Nigeria. Instead of worring over what is happening, let’s start an agenda to grow out the problem and thats what school sports represents. Focus on the children for the future, pay attention to the children and the problems will grow out naturally.