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Mystery world of blind prophet Kasali

By Sam Eyoboka & Olayinka Latona

LIKE his recently departed mentor and role model, Prophet Apostle Timothy Oluwole Obadare, Prophet Moses Muyideen Kasali of Hour of Mercy Prayer Ministry International, (a.ka. Baba Orioke Alasheyori, Ibadan) Ojedeji Keji, near Moniya in Akinyele local government of Oyo State, became blind at the age of 3 as a result of measles outbreak in his village, Sanu Ijaye.

He is not only blind; he was an illiterate but today, Kasali in his late 40s despite his disability was reported to have performed several outstanding feats including single-handedly disarming armed robbers, construction of Police posts and donation of generating sets for different communities.

During his 40th birthday, he got 25 cars as gifts, the least being a Toyota Corolla; as he gets them he gives them out to the poor and deserving members and non-members of his church. Not only that, he gives his church members houses. In this interview with SAM EYOBOKA & OLAYINKA LATONA, Kasali narrated how God miraculously pulled him out the clutches of poverty to become the Elijah of this age.

Were you born blind?

My parents had nine children and I am the only male child. At age three, there was an outbreak of measles epidemic in my village and it affected my two eyes and became blind as a result. My parents went through lots of challenges. My mother died when I was 10 and naturally I was helpless and hopeless since there was nobody to take care of me.

To avoid being starved to death, I started gathering firewood from bush to sell to those in need of it since there was nobody to render help to a blind boy. One day I was in the bush to gather firewood when the hand of God found me and from the bush I was taken to a mansion where an angel taught me the Word of God, secrets of life and many other things. Jesus Christ appeared to me in that mansion. He anointed me and told me that I will be an evangelist to the world. The oil Jesus poured on my head flew for seven days physically. One of the angels took me back to our village and my father was surprised seeing the anointing oil flowing.


But you were born Muslim? What was father’s reaction?

Yes! I was the first to accept Christ in my family. My encounter with Christ was unique because nobody preached to me. Even as a Muslim, my father loved Christianity. Every year he brought the best of his farm produce to the church. He said he had a dream where he saw me in the midst of a large crowd preaching the gospel. Before I was born, there was another prophecy that I was going to be a Nazarene from God.

All these encouraged my father despite various talks from the villagers that my father was giving out his only son to Christianity because he was blind. An Anglican priest in our village told the villagers that God was going to use this blind boy to reach the world. He sent for me and prayed for me and sought my father’s permission to take me to the mission house.

Did you have any formal education?

No! I did not attend primary school. Isaiah 42:16 says: “I will lead the blind by ways they have not known, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them; I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth. These are the things I will do; I will not forsake them. Also, Isaiah 9:2 says: “The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned”. The scripture is true and perfect once you are on the Lord’s side.

How do you read the Bible  since it is your preaching in strument?

There is an angel assigned to me at every situation, as you are talking now there is an angel beside me. If my interpreter makes a mistake reading the Bible, I correct him because immediately I mount the podium all the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation will immediately appear before me like a television screen and I will see with my inner eye; anyone that is not clear to me will be interpreted by my angel.

How did it all start?

There was a time I went to fetch water with a 4-litre container from the river. I was in a hurry to back before going to work. I was operating a cassava grinding machine. At the river, the container slipped from my hand and of course, I won’t allow it to float away, because it was the only container that I had. So, I followed it. The more I searched the deeper I went into the river until I found myself inside a big mansion beneath the river.

The mansion consists of women and men dancing. I was able to see them as if I was not blind. I was afraid but a giant in me assured me that I will not die there. A woman in the mansion asked me what I was doing in the place and suddenly a man with white hair all over his body appeared and said I am his son and that I was there to have an experience.

Immediately fight ensued between the woman and the white man and later an angel joined in the battle. I was afraid but the scene was interesting, there was a great bang like that of a bomb. The woman and her agents disappeared.

The angel took me back home. I was excited and felt on top of the world that I had such wonderful experience. I spent over seven hours inside the river. My father was worried and searched everywhere including the forest for me.

Another experience I can remember was when I tried to woo a lady for marriage, she insulted me, saying I don’t know my boundary. How can a blind man like me approach her. I also told her that she should be happy that someone like me was coming after someone that is after one. But glory to God, I did not only marry but God gave me a wonderful, caring and loving woman as wife.

She was a virgin when I married her. That teaches me a lesson that when we ask God for something and there was no answer, we should not lose hope because God is preparing something better which we cannot get through man’s capacity. If I have married that first woman only God knows what would have happened.

Recently you were said to have disarmed robbers. What gave you the boldness?

It was the spirit of the Lord. When you have God you will be able to do the impossible. I almost gave up my faith when we encountered them because they have collected my phones, wristwatch, money and other valuables including the key to my jeep and asked me to go. But the car was inside the ditch and suddenly I got ministration from the Holy Spirit and boldly I told them to assist me to bring out the jeep.

They agreed and lifted it out. I requested for my money, phones and other things they took from me and they complied. I was really happy that they complied to all my instructions. Then I told them to surrender their riffles; they did that. I would have taken them inside my car and hand them over to the Police but I had a rethink that police might say I was working with the robbers. I told them not to engage in robbery again.

Another one in 2005; on our way to a mountain in Ekiti State and we were attacked by men of the underworld. They took us to a very thick forest, collected my car and other things. They ordered me to pull off my jeans trouser that they needed it because I was not worthy to wear such expensive designer trouser. They removed it and gave me another trouser; but I warned them that they will get into trouble by collecting my jean trouser. One of them that wore the jean said the cloth has anointing.

Another testimony was how the Lord delivered me from last year DANA air crash. I was billed to board the flight, but on my way to the checking point I started feeling cold and I told my personal assistant that I will have to postpone the trip till the next day.

You said greater than Boko Haram will happen in Nigeria

I said father of Boko Haram, if our government fail to be serious and go back to God another sect greater than Boko Haram will surface in Nigeria. Power of money, strategies have failed in the county. If our leaders have the fear of God we will not have any problem. Somebody will embezzle billions of naira and he would asked to pay N750,000 as bail.

It is a pity that Nigeria has not found solution to such abberations and this will only encourage more corruption. Few people riding expensive cars while millions of youths cannot afford food on their tables. This is very wrong and God is angry with such things because when God blesses you it is not for you alone but for others around. Most of our leaders are only serving their pockets while the masses wallow in poverty.

Is that why you say the father of Boko Haram is yet to come?

God told me that He is going to show Himself powerful to those ruining the glory of this county and the father of Boko Haram will not attack the masses but those in power. If care is not taken they will attack government convoys and they will succeed because they are having God’s backing.


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