October 8, 2013

Money back IVF scheme debuts at Nordica Lagos


A multiple IVF cycle strategy that greatly increases the possibility of conception due to sustained treatment of fertility challenged couples has been introduced by Nordica Fertility Centre, Lagos.

Dubbed the “Nordica Lagos Money Back Guarantee Scheme”, The initiative, first of its kind in Nigeria, is  an alternative to the regular pay- per-cycle treatment plan  with the bonus of a money back guarantee.

Presenting the scheme in Lagos, Medical Director, Nordica Fertility Centre, Lagos, Asaba and Abuja, Dr. Abayomi Ajayi said it was part of efforts to stay true to their Mantra of being the proffered assisted conception provider globally.

“All we are trying to do at Nordica Fertility Centre Lagos is to, in our own little way, address the fear of uncertainty that couples experience when they walk through the doors of any Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART) Centre.”

Ajayi explained that the Money Back Guarantee Scheme gives  an option of three cycles and at least one Frozen Embryo Transfer, FET, at a cost of N3.5 million.

“Should the patient not get pregnant after this, there will be a refund of N500,000  technical fee.”

There are  two categories of women eligible to be a part of the scheme For women utilising their own eggs, they must be below 36 years old and their three cycles must be completed within 18 months. Women uilising donor eggs must undergo hysteroscopy six months prior to enrolling on the Scheme.

“This scheme gives the patients more realistic expectations on a clear cut path to success. It is a cost effective plan on the long run.

Further, he said the Scheme takes care of pregnancy up until 12 weeks. However, patients with complications arising within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy (ectopic /miscarriage), won’t be precluded from the scheme. This is as long as treatment for these complications has been taken care of.

“We think these are unique attributes that clearly sets this product apart as one i.e consumercentric that is focused on the client with the intention of better addressing their fertility needs.

“We are sure we are going to refund money to some people definitely. Our responsibility is to reduce the number of people we have to refund by ensuring that as many couples as possible get pregnant. It  will keep us on our toes and make sure we reduce the number of people we have to pay back so that patients are having the best at a discount.”