October 21, 2013

Grape seed extract treats colorectal cancer

Colorectal cancer cases continue to grow globally largely fueled by a diet of processed convenience foods and a sedentary lifestyle void of regular exercise. But a research team from the University of Colorado Cancer Center has published the results of a study a journal, Cancer Letters demonstrating that the more advanced colorectal cancer cells are, the more Grape Seed Extracts, GSE inhibits their growth and survival. Conversely, GSE does not affect healthy cells and is shown to specifically target only cancerous cells. The authors note that this is an important finding in light of the increased number of late stage colon cancer cases currently being diagnosed.

This research could provide a critical starting point to encourage the use of natural therapies to treat colon cancer, rather than the traditional slash, burn and poison methods that cause more harm than good for many who suffer from the disease.

Scientists studied the effect of GSE on various stages of colon cancer cell lines, and discovered that GSE targets colorectal cancer through inducing oxidative stress that leads to the programmed cell death known as apoptosis.

The many bioactive compounds of GSE are able to target multiple mutations. The more mutations a cancer presents, the more effective GSE is in targeting them.” Nutrition experts recommend supplementing with a standardized whole grape seed extract (150 to 250 mg) daily to provide a protective shield against colon and digestive cancers.