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Why we are bringing Millie Jackson to Nigeria – Fola Aganga Williams

By Jemi Ekunkunbor

Mrs Fola Aganga-Williams runs a company called Jaded. Created as an exclusive platform to create exclusive luxury exhibitions, balls and parties, Jaded spells wealth, beauty and luxury for timeless people. Come November 1, in Lagos, Jaded is set to bring back the old groove as it holds, Jaded Balls. The show designed to be a blast will bring together soul queen, Millie Jackson and the King of Juju music, Sunny Ade on one stage and also to celebrate the juju King’s 50 years on the stage.

This exclusive, high end show will admit only 350 guests. Who will these people be? And what qualifies them to attend this memorable show?In this interview,  Fola Aganga-Williams sheds more light on this forthcoming one-of-a-kind show.

*Fola Aganga Williams
*Fola Aganga Williams

What major events have you done that describe what you do?

We’ve had a couple of events in the past. We handled Coca Cola event, we managed and organized the bringing in of Serena Williams. It was part of what we did. We had the Diamond Bank premium banking launch, which is called the private banking. We also did something with Blackberry. We’ve done quite a bit. We hardly do parties but when it is exclusive with high end clients, then we usually step in.

You do have something high end coming up now. What exactly is it?

We have the Jaded Ball  in the pipeline. Every quarter we try to come up with something. This time we are coming up with the Jaded Ball scheduled for the 1st of November, in Lagos and again, it’s exclusive for 350 guests only. This platform is also going to showcase Sunny Ade’s 50 years on stage and to mark the event, we are bringing Millie Jackson whom he had worked with in the last 25 years. So that is going to be a great one.

You did say you cater to the high end clients. Why have you chosen this class of people to do business with?

We found out that this class of people have contributed to the society a lot. We are talking about business, we are talking about evolution of wealth, evolution of economy, evolution of music. If we look back, a lot of our young ones have done very beautifully with their songs. The young ones take their songs and turn it around. They are remembering the old music but in a different light.

Now, this class of people, when their children marry, they are left behind. The only time you see them come out is when their children are getting married. Most of the events they attend are marriages, funeral ceremonies, naming ceremonies and so on.  We forget that these people were the epitome of enjoyment and luxury in the past. They made Victor Olaiya,  Sunny Ade and  Ebenezer Obey. A lot of them had become icons to these people. We don’t want to forget them. There is this saying that without the past, you can’t understand the present. We want to recognize and appreciate them.

What informed your choice of the two artists, Sunny Ade and Millie Jackson?

King Sunny Ade is the king of Juju Music. He has contributed a lot to the music society in Nigeria. He has won a lot of awards both at home and abroad. Without him, a lot of the juju musicians will not be where they are today. He kind of created that platform for them. So we felt, we should use this platform to celebrate and appreciate him 50 years on stage.

What better way can you celebrate such a man but to invite a woman like Millie Jackson? Sunny Ade knows her very well. She is the heart of soul music along with others like Betty Wright and Diana Ross. And you know, the R&B of yesterday created the R&B of today. These artistes you have mentioned reigned supreme in the 80s. How come a lot of people seem stuck with music and artists of the 80s?

It depends on the age range you are talking about. The age range stuck in the 80s, are the people in their 40s and 50s and this is because of the birth of disco. And it’s sudden death which had great impact on the genre. This also gave way to the re- establishment of rhythm and blues, fused with funk. As for Millie being a strong believer of her genre like Dionne Warrick and Anita Baker, they refuse to change to suit the pocket but remained true to the ears and followers which are timeless and forever fans. She has her regular concerts all year round which shows her followers are insatiable.

What should we expect?

Let’s just say a combination of different kinds of entertainment. We want people to come, sit back and remember the old days and when they were in secondary school.

Let the men in their 70s remember when they courted their wives, let them remember how they danced. It’s like bringing back the oldies. These people have worked hard why can’t they let their hair down and not have a wedding, let them relax and not have to look after their guests. They have to be looked after in this case they have to be looked after with beautiful music, beautiful wine, good food and beautiful company. Let couples remember when they met and how they started, how they grew up and be able to appreciate how far they have come.

Will the night just be for King Sunny Ade and Millie Jackson alone or are you bringing other local artists?

It’s a night just for the two of them. Both of them also need to remember how they first met and played together. You can only imagine what the night will be like.

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