September 28, 2013

NYA demands Marilyn Ogar’s sack

NYA demands Marilyn Ogar’s sack

Ex-DSS spokesperson, Marilyn Ogar

The Nigerian Youths Assembly (NYA) has asked the Federal Government to relieve the Media Director of the Department of Security Service (DSS), Mrs. Marilyn Ogar of her job or face an unusual public protest by the Nigerian Youths next week.

The demand was chief among four others marshalled out by the group as a panacea for peace.

Speaking to journalists in Abuja, the National Chairman of the Assembly, Comrade Nurudeen Mustapha said that Ogar goofed in her first statement to the world concerning the shooting that saw 7 persons dead.


SSS spokeswoman Marilyn Ogar

SSS spokeswoman Marilyn Ogar

He said that such unprofessional error smacked a feeling of compromise on the part of Ogar.

Mustapha hinted that it was in the light of acceptance of these conditions at a meeting with Representatives of Federal Government from the Federal Capital Territory Administration that the Assembly deferred it planned protest on Wednesday.

He said: “these are the conditions that we have set for the government to fulfill so that the Nigerian Youths will not go to the street come next week.

”Marilyn Ogar must be sacked. We believe that her stand on the issue was compromised because immediately after the incident she said these people were Boko Haram members. The first thing she would have done was to investigate the issue. She defended those people that perpetrated the act. With that she has taken sides.

”At the same time,we want the family of the deceased to be compensated adequately and we want the government to provide the bodies of all the squatters be it dead or alive.

”There must be an Independent probe panel consisting of the National Human Rights Commission and Human Rights Activists that would ensure that the perpetrators of Apo Massacre are exposed and punished.”

”They must ensure that those that perpetrated the act are punished according to the law and there should not be any sacred cows. All that are involved be it the security agents and the owner of the building must be punished.

”We want them to ensure adequate protection of lives and property of all Nigerians and we do not want any harassment whatsoever from any security agents towards Nigerians which has been the daily tradition amongst security agents who exploit Nigerians. We want it to stop immediately and security must not be politicized henceforth.

According to the President, failure to heed the demands will prompt a massive protest by over One Million Nigerian Youth to the National Assembly in Abuja.