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Agric sector has the potential to feed our industries – Fumman boss

FUMMAN Agricultural Limited, producers of Fumman juice brand, has emphasized the pivotal role of agriculture in engendering development in the industrial sector. Its core focus is to make humble contribution to the growth of the country’s agricultural raw materials, using the right volume and quality of raw materials at the right times, location and prices that are agreeable to our needs.

Mr. Layi Adeyemi, the Managing Director of Fumman, said the company is focused on making significant impact through its huge investment in agricultural development.

This led to the introduction of Fumman’s passion fruit to farms close to the factory and importation of elite planting materials of mango, oranges, guavas and pineapples where we have three varieties on its farm. The planting materials will also be made available with time to all collaborating farms and farmers’ group.

This critical role is to further be intensified through active collaboration with the Nigeria’s Agricultural Research Institutes. Fumman is also working in collaboration with the Nigeria Centre for Genetic Resources Conservation and Biochemistry (NACGRAB), Nigerian Horticulture Research Institute (NIHORT). This collaboration has engendered the promotion of knowledge in the value chain of fruit crops research, planting, management, harvesting, processing and marketing.

In genetic improvement, Adeyemi said Fumman has collaborated with Center for Environmental Renewable Natural Recourses Management Research and Development (CENRAD) and NACCGRAB. Research is progressing on the popular “Ogbomosho Mango”, a preferred specie of mango for Fumman Mango Juice with objectives of identifying inherent variations that can be genetically explored for genetic improvement of the crop, the propagation of identified desirable genotypes and to sensitize existing farmers and potential farmers to establish new plantation of the Ogbomosho Mango cultivar.

Fumman brand has a formidable structure on the ground. It is not a fad that our products are natural; we are really involved in agriculture from all circles of research.  Our engagement with research institutes is borne out of our resolve to deliver quality fruit juice to Nigerians and to stand out as an indigenous fruit crushing Juice Company.

Beyond Nigeria, Fumman juice has preached its quality mantra to the West Africa sub-region. Fumman had presented papers at agricultural for a within and outside Nigeria from the viewpoint of private sector actor. We participated at the committee level of the Presidential Initiative on Dairy and Fruit Juices. And currently, our chairman sits on the chair of the ECOWAS Mango Stakeholders.

Severally, Fumman Agricultural Limited has been recognized for its quality centric brand and indigenous collaboration. The award from Nucleus Estate Farmers group came in virtually every year. The Raw Materials Research Council gave Fumman the award for the best company utilizing local materials some years back.

Adeyemi stated also that the organization has adopted several strategies aimed at raising the bar of innovation through its deployment of modern technology and easy to use materials on its products. Fumman added the innovation of print on cans and easy-opening lids to its offer of fruit juices and canned pineapple pieces and slices, before progressing into cardboard packaging materials popular everywhere today.

He also asserted further that Fumman is proactive and working in line with the current trend, their research and development department is constantly researching into popular and little known fruits that can be available in large quantity for industrial processing. This has led to extensive research in its processing 100% Cashew juice which would soon be on the shelves.


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