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RE: Femi, you are hunted by shadows of St. Paul

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By Nathaniel Ngerem

For weeks, you painted the town red with venomous aggression and hostility against the Bible, not against St. Paul. You bastardised, terrorised and pounded the sensitivity of the Christendom all in attempt to prove to us that you do not believe in the Bible as the inspired Word of God, rather as the writings of Paul, Peter, or any other, upon which you unleash your unguarded carnal anger.

Reading your article,
1. I seriously doubt if you ever passed through the discipleship of any pastor or church, where young believers are tutored on the basics of Christianity and the Bible. That is to say, you are spiritually fatherless; and were not nurtured to maturity, and as a result, your approach to the Bible is pure human logic. That is why you’re a Star only to those with human brain-approach to the Bible. Afterall it makes a lot of sense to take a moral perfectionist stand and lampoon Christians for traffic offenses; for example. But beyond that, to the spiritual, you’re zero and hollow.

If you care to know, the Bible exists on two levels; namely the Letter and the Spirit of the Bible—the letter of the Bible is the literary, intellectual, black and white printed work while the spirit of the Bible is the Bible in its status as the Holy Scriptures, the Word of God inspired by the Holy Spirit and given to man as a compass through life. As the Word of God, it rises beyond man’s intellectual judgment. At this level, any attempt to subject it to man’s literary criticism will meet with nothing but confusion because “…the letter kills but the spirit gives life’’ (II Corinthians 3:6). At the spirit level, the spirit of man has to submit to the Holy Spirit to receive light and insight into the Bible.

This level is called the Revelation Knowledge. Your failure to flow with the spirit of the Bible results in your faulty interpretation of the Scriptures, no wonder then that you see nothing but Paul’s ‘contradictions’ and ‘plagiarism’. One of the crimes that Paul committed against you is that he encouraged the churches that God used him to establish and nurture, to support the work of God by financially taking care of their spiritual fathers.

Is there anybody who doesn’t know that the meaning of God calling a man to His work means that He will take that man away from his means of livelihood and place him in the Vineyard? Is there anyone quarrelling with the fact that a man called by God ceases to fend for himself, rather is maintained from the offerings, tithes and gifts from the Temple? Is it not elementary Christian knowledge that any gift to men of God is therefore a gift to God?

Paul said he had not enjoyed these ministers’ right to the fullest, but he fended for himself by labouring with his hands, to avoid being a burden to anybody. Yet it is even this partial application of this biblical provision by Paul that provoked your wrath, and you made sure you exhausted all the unprintable abuses in your books against St. Paul; Robber, Man of lawlessness, Manipulative Wizard, etc, etc.

On the issue of Law and Grace, not surprisingly, you again displayed a lack of understanding of the difference between Grace and Law dispensations of the Bible. If you can keep all the hundreds of laws in the Bible, goodluck to you, but we know it’s not possible.

In the first place, the purpose of the Laws is not for anybody to successfully keep, but the continuous failure to keep them is to prove the futility of pleasing God through human struggles and sweat (Religion). God now made it very easy for man by compressing all the laws into a package called ‘Jesus Christ’; and by receiving Jesus Christ and being born again one has observed all the Laws in one single swoop of faith.

It is this simple faith in Christ, as against the futile struggles to keep the laws, that earns anyone righteousness in the sight of God. “…for by the keeping of the law shall no flesh be made righteous in the sight of God” (Galatians 2:16-17; 3:1-13; Philippians 3:8-9). “…for if righteousness cometh by the law then Christ is dead in vain.” (Gal. 2:21). Then should we become lawless because of this grace? “God forbid’’ replies Paul. (Romans 6:14-15; Gal. 2:17).

It is this wonderful insight into a meaningful relationship with God through faith in Christ rather than the law, that has turned St. Paul to a Man of lawlessness and a criminal in the sight of Femi. So you would rather embark on the impossible task of climbing Mount Everest of the Law with bare hands instead of entering the motorised facility of grace God provided to lift you to the mountain top? But don’t forget that in keeping all the laws, if you fail in one you have failed in all. (James 2:10).

Finally, the Bible remains the most cherished book of all ages. If you have no reference for God, His Holy Book, and the men that He used to produce it, please keep it to yourself; don’t drag the whole world of Bible lovers and the fans of St. Paul to your little enclave of sacrilege, blasphemy, and rebellion.

Nathaniel N. Ngerem

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