August 18, 2013

Nigeria can save billions on infrastructure

Dr. Kola Ibirogba, is Chairman, Hogan Guards Limited, a Forensic Psychophysiologist and Certified Polygraph examiner, and has been in the business of security solutions for 33years. In this chat with Princewill Ekwujuru, he said Nigeria can protect  its Pipelines, saving  billions of Naira, if Government deploys the right security tools. Read on.

About Forensic Psychophysiology

Psychophysiology is the aspect of psychology that is concerned with the physiological basis of psychological mental processes. In a nutshell, Psychophysiologist measures the interrelationship of mental and physical phenomena.

*Kola Ibirogba

*Kola Ibirogba

About Polygraph science

Polygraph  is concerned with the sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system. Polygraph is the psychological reaction to stress, fight and flight response.

Recently, I was speaking to a member of ‘The Prerogative of Mercy,’  the other day.  I was shocked to learn from her that a great percentage of prisoners in our prisons should not have been incarcerated in the first place. This means there are lots of wrongful conviction due to lack of knowledge and the dearth of investigative tools. Polygraph as a science is part of forensic psychophysiology.

As demonstrated earlier. It is impossible to beat the polygraph. That is why we always carry out what is called, ‘stimulation test’ before any examination. The stimulation test is to re-enforce to the examiner that polygraph works.  The test I did earlier is a stimulation test. I was able to tell the examinee the name of her father and the name of her boyfriend out of the various names she wrote on the board.  Examinees only try counter measures to beat the polygraph but we have a lot of sensors that measures that.

For example, we have the seat pad that measures every move. Polygraph technology has advanced, but again, I must caution that a lot depend on the examiner. What I have been doing of late, is a lot of pre-employment tests for several corporate organisations. We have been helping filter the saints from the devils before employment. We are also helping with criminal investigations.

Pipeline vandalism, insurgency and other vices

On the issue of pipeline protection, it is not as complex as people make it look. It’s share waste of time and resources to be deploying security agencies to protect pipelines.

To me it is archaic and crude. The solution to Nigeria’s security problems are in the hands of Nigerians. When I say Nigerians, I do not mean all those contractors running around in Abuja. I can categorically say that Hogan Security can fix some of these problems at minimal cost to the Government.

We have our partners in the United States whom we are working with. They have built pipeline monitoring, wide area computer and radio networks for decades. A cost effective technology with central monitoring can be provided if Government is ready.

The same technology can be deployed to monitor the activities of Boko Haram in some parts of the country.

Solutions to Nigeria’s security system

Solution to Nigeria’s security and infrastructural challenges depends on the determination of government. The basic problem with Nigeria is corruption and it is so endemic. Until government faces this devil called ‘corruption,’ Nigeria shall continue to have problems.

I have been in security solutions for 33years. The equipment in our surveillance room if fully deployed can do extensive monitoring. We monitor our clients all over Nigeria live from our Head Office. The use of these tools will safe Nigeria billions of Naira.

Other vices

Hogan has handled a few cases of matrimonial disputes relating in most cases of adultery. The most outrageous is the test we carried out recently where a domestic servant admitted to having forceful carnal knowledge (rape) of a teenager. We got all these without torture.  When the evidence is glaring, examinees in most cases come out and admit. The whole process is recorded and documented.

Those who require the service

All security Agencies, LASTMA, Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), Nigeria Aviation Handling Company, NAHCO, Aviation companies, Embassies, Higher institutions, State Governments, Financial institutions, Oil & Gas companies, Insurance companies, Courier companies etc.