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High cost of building: Axion comes to rescue

By Judith Ufford

In a country that daily grapples with high cost of building and construction, the challenge is always on how to reduce cost, build houses that are affordable for the majority of people and also reduce the burden taxpayers bear in getting the government to construct roads.

This is where Axion products come in. Recently, the management of Axion Global Engineering Ltd., a subsidiary of Axion Canada, unveiled a number if civil engineering products based on new technology in the construction industry.

The company’s managing director, Okey Eze, speaking recently at Bolton White Hotel, Abuja, venue of the event, said Axion products would help mitigate of cost of building and construction in the country. This is, according to him, because less cement would be used after adding the product to the mortar mixture.

This is for Axion Tuffcrete powder/polymer and oxide, which appears to be the flagship product of the company though there are many other products for different purposes in the building industry. It is a waterproof and fireproof product that is used as additive to cement.

The managing director said when using cement for concrete, one only needs to apply 20 percent of Axion tuffcrete powder and use 20 percent of the already diluted Axion polymer liquid for concrete mixture. This reduces the need for cement by about 50 to 60 percent, he said.

He said it eliminates cracks on the walls that one sees in some buildings. Eze said most times, cracks are caused by the soil on which the building is erected.

In addition, he said another way this technology reduces the cost of building is that it makes tiling and screening unnecessary for anyone who cannot afford such luxury.

He said the product comes in different colour variants, a reason why it is possible to have coloured POP and at the same time have POP outside rather than inside the building because of it waterproof nature.

Continuing, he said, Axion Tuffcrete is not affected by oil or fuel spillage. As a result of this it can be used to repair damaged conventional concrete and will adhere to it without the need for sny additional additives. Eze said this means that Axion lasts longer than conventional concrete.

The product, Eze further said, is durable, has more load bearing capacity and comes in powder or liquid variants piand withstands extreme and harsh weather conditions.

On pricing, he said 50kg of the product was N1,500, adding that it is available in smaller measures as low as 10kg.

Another product unveiled at the occasion was Axion bitumen booster refiner, which Eze said is a unique product that combines the ability to increase the volume of bitumen by as much as 40%, even as it stabilises and improves the elasticity of this all important product used in road construction and rehabilitation.

He said it offers the widest heat range, tested to allow asphalt mixes to withstand temperatures as low as -28C and as high as +72C.
For those in the road construction industry this is a much needed relief considering that scarcity of bitumen makes it difficult if not impossible for construction companies to go ahead with or complete projects.

The other product unveiled by Eze is Axion solid base stabiliser, which is used to stabilize the soil and make it as thick as a 25 centimeter concrete slab. He said it is a powerful ‘binder’ used to work over large in-situ soil stabilization and earth works installations.


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