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Complaints and investigations: I need update on my late father’s shares

I need update on my late father’s shares

My late father has shares in some companies. Since his death mid last year, we haven’t received any dividend warrant. What do I need to do to get his detailed statement of shareholdings? Do I go to CSCS or the stockbroking firm. What documents do I go with? (Ike Benedict)

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You imply that you know your late father’s stockbroker, and that he also had a CSCS account. It is also implied that you know the various companies in which your father has shares. On that basis, our advice is that you first visit the registrars, inform them about his demise, and enquire why his dividends were not sent. Thereafter, you can visit his stockbroker to obtain his CSCS account. But that is if your father has a CSCS account. If in the process you suspect foul play, please send a petition to the Securities and Exchange Commission. However, it is the next-of-kin indicated by your father that has the authority to act in this regard

Irregularities in my shareholding in Union Bank

Union Registrars has denied me of my shareholdings. I bought some units of the Union Bank shares. Bonuses given were verified, dematerialised and warehoused with my stock broker Cashville Investment Limited. After verification, my holdings did not reflect in the system of my stockbrokers till date.

I bought 65,000 units of Union Bank shares in the only successful IPO they have conducted. 35,000 units were in my name and 30,000 units in my wife’s name. But my undoing was that I sent the certificates for verification and dematerialisation. They did a reconstruction when new investors came onboard, but I’m yet to receive information on the number of my holdings. I visited severally and completed forms for amalgamation of all my holdings and submitted. All my efforts came to nothing. I equally completed mandate forms on every visit, but nothing came out of it. Help me find out so that I can take a position to either write SEC or sue them out rightly. ( M.I. Ordiah.)

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You did not mention whether you visited the stockbroker or the registrar. If it was the stockbroker, then proceed to the registrar and make enquiries. If you have complained to Union Registrar and your complaints were not resolved satisfactorily, you can send a formal complaint to SEC, and email us a copy of the complaint for investigation.

How do I access my investment in DVCF Oil and Gas

Kindly assist me concerning my shares with DCVF Oil and Gas Company. I bought some shares of this company some years back. I also asked them to be reinvesting the dividends, but in 2010, my house got burnt, and the share certificate was burnt, since then, I don’t know how to reach the company to ascertain the current value of the share. (Patrick Olise)

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Do affidavit and police reports about the incident, take them to Unity Registrars Limited. The company is located at Unity Bank Building, NO. 94, Agege Motor Road,

Ido-Oro, Mushin, Lagos. Mobile No: 0803-3006-038, 01-7408123, 01-8418765

No certificate, dividend from UAC since 1990

I bought U.A.C shares in 1990, and till now, they have not sent my share certificate and dividend. I have written to them twice but there was no response. (Dirisu Imhonikhe Samson)

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You need to first ascertain that the shares were even bought in the first instance. So , visit UAC Registrars Limited at UAC House ( opposite CMS Church, Lagos Island) 1-5 Odunlami Street, Lagos. You may also call 01-2663241, 2666229, 8730080-6

I need a stockbroker

I bought shares from Zenith Bank, but I don’t have a broker.. Can you direct me to an approved company to get a broker?

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We don’t recommend or direct readers to any stockbroking company. You can choose a broker from the list of registered brokers. For the complete list, please visit the website of Nigeria Stock Exchange i.e.

How do I become an investor?

I like to know how to be an investor.

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The first thing is to read about investment. Then decide why you want to invest and for how long. Thereafter, you have to decide where you want to invest and how. If you decide to invest in shares and other capital market investment, you will need the services of a stockbroker.


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