BY Kemi Busari, OAU

What started like a mystery turned out to be a celebration as the students of Obafemi Awolowo University christened the ‘Moremi Baby’ on the eighth day.

The baby was given the  following names; Moremibiyi, (Moremi gave birth to this), Morounmoboni University (I came back with something worthy from the University), Awobola (Awo gave birth to wealth), EsinIdanwoleyi (This is the result of examination) a.k.a, Special Elective with a matric number; MOR/2013/001. The first student to be admitted for the session’

Rotimi and her baby
Rotimi and her baby

It will be recalled that on the 19th day of June 2013, Oyinlola Rotimi of the Faculty of Agriculture, Obafemi Awolowo University was alleged to have attempted flushing her new-born baby boy down the toilet, which she had since denied.

This generated issues in the school as students were divided on whether to believe the undergraduate mother or not. However, events took a new turn on the eighth day of the incident as students regardless of their stand on the issue, came out in their numbers to rejoice with the new baby during the naming ceremony held at the Moremi Hall where he was given birth to.

The procession started at Awo Café of the Awolowo Hall where many students were reading in preparation for their examination, many students were seen packing their books in order not to miss the fun.

The master of ceremony, a student, called upon a pastor, an imam and an oluwo to pray for the child. A student called Professor, acted as the baby’s uncle and another student mimicked  Prof. Omole (the Vice-Chancellor of the institution).

The crowd was caught in an uncontrollable round of laughter and shouting when the Awo choir was called upon to perform before the tumultuous crowd.

In his sermon before the naming, the Islamic cleric, Alfa, took his time to advise the other female occupants of the hall and female students generally and warned them to be more cautious with the way they deal with ‘emotional struggle’ on campus.

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