Crime Alert

July 10, 2013

No hiding place for criminals in Enugu – CP Adamu

By Emma Nnadozie & Chinenye Ozor

POSTING to Enugu: So far so good, I came to Enugu state and met a crop of officers that are dedicated to their duty. I met officers that understand the terrain, I met officers that knew the nooks and crannies of the state. I came and met a state where the government is very conscious of security. I came and met where the state government empowers the police to execute their lawful duty.

I met a state where the state brings vehicles for police to adequately police the state. Enugu state is good, calm, quite and crime rate is very low.

The strategy adopted since my arrival is helping us not only to maintain the low level of crime but to reduce it to zero point. The strategy we adopted is of crime prevention rather than allow the crime to occur before preventing it. We partner with the people of the state. We partner with traditional rulers and other stakeholders in the state, if there is an act that will result to break down of law and order, that will also lead to committing of crime. The strategy is working very well in all the police divisions in Enugu state. We use the vehicles we received from the state government-50 hilux jeeps and 50 KIA saloon cars to patrol all the axis of Enugu and its environs.

If there is any incident no matter how far, within 5 minutes, the police are there. As I speak with you, the state is quiet and that is why you don’t hear gun running here and there. Kidnapping has reduced drastically while car snatching has virtually stopped.

The first week I reported for duty in Enugu, I received 100 vehicles from the state government. The state government is ready to give because they are impressed with the effective use of the vehicles.

People of the State

Enugu state people are security conscious, any thing that happens, they will send text message to CP, something is happening in a certain place and  we will quickly mobilize and get to the  place within seconds of the message. It is a welcome development because they know the areas, they see, they move around. Enugu is not like other communities in the country where people are not interested in security.

The people of Enugu are accommodating and cooperating with the police in all aspects of life for the prevention and detection of crime.

Killing of CP Asadu

Well, when I came and knew that a commissioner of police was killed in the state, I saw it as one of the challenges we would face. I did not see it as being in a hostile state. What I believe was that what happened to CP Asadu could happen to any person no matter the security structures put in place.

When I came, I saw it as one of the challenges and has put measures in place to avert such gruesome crimes.

After the killing of the CP, we swung into action and thorough investigations were carried out. We were able to arrest some of them. Through investigation still, we were able to establish that those suspects were not first time criminals.

The suspects are people that made violent crime  their means of livelihood. They are hardened criminals but through useful information, we were able to round them up. About two members of the gang are still at large and we extended our dragnet and would soon catch up with them. The ones arrested were charged to court and remained in prison custody (sine die).

Government’s support

In every state, the major handicap has always been the means of performing your duty. In terms of mobility, the state government supports us well. In other materials, the IGP assisted in giving us bullet proofs, helmets and other materials for effective policing of the state. The officers and men are motivated, members of the public are of immense assistance through one way or the other. Police assisted neighbourhood watch are co-operating with the police in their various communities.

We do not face major challenges in the state. At times, we got reports that some of our men are not doing what they are supposed to do either for financial inducement or other reasons. In such cases, we send men to apprehend them and investigate. In a dynamic environment, one cannot have a perfect society. We are trying to achieve a goal. We have to bring crime down to the barest minimum. The strategies we adopt are yielding good results and on weekly basis, we drum it to the officers till everybody is factored into the system.

Stand on unresolved cases

As far as I am concerned, justice must be done on all the cases that were reported. All cases of murder, robbery among others unresolved, must be exhumed and given the required justice.

Message to Enugu People

I and my officers will be committed to duty throughout my stay in the sate as Commission of Police. I will make sure that existing relationship between the police and members of the public would continue to be strengthened daily.